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BDS 246: Robert Kraft Break Baby

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, the NCAA scandal, ESPN dudes calling for boycott, Geno Smith is a flat earther, Lebron getting old, Robert Kraft got a baby mama, Ronald Acuna hat debate, Calipari, Zeke Elliott, Manziel second chance tour, Seattle wants an NBA team, Pizza Hut taking Papa John’s place, Jon Jones, Patty Mills harassed, Vikings want to pay Cousins, Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant, AI loses mansion, Kim Pegula on protests, Russian bobsledder doping, Lamar Jackson, Lamont Smith arrested, 1st African American tire changer, $1400 Yeezys, Canadian skier steals car, Tiger had a good week, Matt Barnes and Gloria beefing on the Gram, Melo, Warriors go to the black museum, baseball coach fired, Mark Cuban, volleyball coach rapist, Cynthia Marshall hired by Mavs, Gonazalez twins and KD invest in kids.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and J Trill,

    I hope all is well.

    I want to give a special shout out to Isiah Thomas for his loss-sealing turnover against Portland the other night. And to think this he had the nerve to fix his mouth and complain that *LeBron James* was the problem in Cleveland. IT probably ain’t even as tall as Kobe’s Oscar. Ole needs a booster seat to be shoulder level with his teammates” ass nigga. Ugh. And to think he was blaming Kevin Love for the team’s dysfunction? Doesn’t IT know you must be at least 5’9 to roast Kevin Love?

    And speaking of Kevin Love? Man…I hope he can work things out with his therapist. Sadly it takes a lot of vulnerability to openly talk about mental health, especially as a pro athlete and especially as someone who gets roasted as often as Kevin Love does. And extra shouts out to DeMar DeRozen for talking about depression, cuz as someone who deals with depression, I appreciate the fuck outta that. I don’t think we have enough prominent Black men talking about mental health and DeRozen talking about it maybe would help wash some of the damn stigma off it. Sometimes depression can be exacerbated by your surroundings, like having to go to work everyday and playing alongside Kyle Lowry.

    Minnesota is really willing to back up the Brinks truck in Jesus name to land Kirk Cousins? For who? For what?

    And here I was thinking Mark Cuban was just a regular white man who didn’t see the problem with Donald Sterling and thus thought he shouldn’t lose his team. What a turn of events that Cuban not only mishandled an abusive employee (what the fuck kind of rationale is “he was too much of a danger for us to fire him”?) but to also having a sexual assault case back in 2011? Fuck Mark Cuban.

    Have a great day y’all and keep up the great work,


  2. DeonBmore

    Good morning Rod & J Cuban:

    Ya’ll think Dirk’s wife is giving him the side eye yet about Mark Cuban? He went from being “unaware” of all the sexual harassment going on at his office, to mishandling the domestic violence charges against an employee to now being accused of sexual assault back in 2011.

    I’m sure she’s asking him about what’s up with his mans. Dirk gotta play it off like Mark is just a nigga from work that he’s cordial with. Nothing worse than one of your friends being not shit and then you gotta answer for his bullshit or cut him off.

    Salute to DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love for talking openly about mental health. I know it’s a different era, but I’m really loving this current generation of NBA stars for being vocal about social and other important issues.

    Lastly is Justin on the Lonzo Ball bandwagon now? Is he going to start wearing a Ball jersey to hoop in at the Y?

    Peace out ya’ll

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    I have been trying to keep my heart in Minnesota sports but they stay with the dumb shit. The Vikings offered Kurt Cousins 91 million guaranteed

    You all were right Kurt about to get paid.


    Jimmy Butler is hurt for the T’wolves and they already throwing the season away and i believe we’re still 4th in the West.

    Did you see Russell Wilson now plays for the Yankees man he about this money.

    That’s all just wanted to hear yall thoughts about all this



  4. rodimusprime

    What up fellas? I don’t have anything to really say. Just keep up the good work and we appreciate what y’all do. Take it easy.


  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and JNN

    Well, well, well look who was right all along. I’m not holding my breath for CNN and all those other folks to apologize to Lavar Ball but he was right. The facts took longer to come out than it does for him to ship those shoes, but if it comes down to anybody vs Trump on who to believe I’m taking the field. Neva lost!

    And did you see Kenan as Lavar on Inside the NBA? My man doesn’t get the respect he deserves for killing this shit for years

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