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BDS 455: Sarver Vs Udoka

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kyler Murray gets slapped by a fan, Ime Udoka faces suspension, Sarver to sell Suns, Oregon apologizes for dissing Mormons, Doc Rivers’ likes go viral, Kayla Nicole shades Kelce, Rajon Rondo settles assault lawsuit, Willie Gay suspended, DirectTV will refund customers, Trevor Ariza’s wife files for divorce, Lebron joins bald brotherhood, Bobby Hart suspended for punching Titans coach, Favre dropped from brands, Stephen Jackson checks in when he travels, Kyrie shares Alex Jones clip, Big Ben policing fan behavior, RGIII’s wife runs his social media, Henry Ruggs, Lions player accused of racism, Russell Wilson, KY players suing police and Ben Simmons will shoot threes.

BDS 454: The Handsdemic

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Brett Favre welfare scamming, Wade leaving TNT, Luka suing his mama, Adrian Peterson knocked out by Le’Veon Bell, Orgeron’s new boo, Anthony Edwards apologizes for homophobia, Sarver suspended for a year, Britt Reid’s plea deal, Saquon Barkley’s girlfriend, the Commanders still cheap, Anthony Davis bad luck, Donovan Mitchell traded to Browns out of spite, Steph Curry news, Russell Westbrook puts house on the market, Irvin poo poos Kaepernick, Brady marriage on the rocks, Von Miller’s haircut, Montrez Harrell arrest details, Serena could come back, UNC safety arrested for domestic violence, the Guardian cap, Dolphins parking lot fire and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!

BDS 453: Hoe Phi Hoe

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Larsa kicking it with MJ’s son, Stanley Wilson arrested taking a bath in a fountain, Kayla Nicole regrets time wasted with Kelce, Jameis Winston, NBA expansion, 6ers player beaten up in Europe, woman can’t name NBA players, Lebron and them sued over documentary idea, rumor KD has baby with porn star, Harden slid in some DMs, PJ Washington engaged and Brit is rooting for him, Tom Brady marriage drama, Lisa Ann ranks types of athletes to fuck, Ezekiel Elliott, Jacksonville player cut then gets DUI, Tyreek Hill sliding into DMs and Cam’s ex suing him for child support and utility bills.

BDS 452: Woman To Woman

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aaron Rodgers goes on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Floyd Mayweather, Brian Robinson shot in car jacking, Jazz trade Mitchell, Matt Araiza update, Ben Simmons break up, John Wall considered suicide during pandemic, Jon Gruden wants a second chance, Jeanie Buss dials back Russell Westbrook praise, Wes Welker calls out league disability plan, Marshawn Lynch car crash details, Steve White passes away, Jenn Sterger defends Tom Brady, ATL celeb home invasions, Kaepernick and Nessa welcome baby, Raven’s mascot out for the season, Browns suspected of having weed on the sideline, Brittany Renner taking Ls, Terrence Williams pleads guilty, Shaq thinks the Earth is flat, KD not a leader according to Chuck, Katya Elise giving advice to groupies, wrong BYU fan banned, radio host gets roasted for hating on Serena, Amazon isn’t getting good ratings for NFL, Russell Wilson gets contract extension, Saints Safety arrested, Brett Favre under scrutiny for those speeches he got paid for and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin!

BDS 451: Bad Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback,  Yaqub Talib turns himself in, Vanessa Bryant wins civil suit, Lakers trading for Pat Bev, DeShaun Watson gets 11 game suspension, Bengals lineman retires at 24, Fernando Tatis Jr has an excuse for PEDS, Bill Russell number retired in NBA, NBA won’t have games on election day, Alvin Kamara, Magic Johnson denies giving blood, George Foreman accused of sexual assault, Ayesha Curry, Jerry Jones talks about the glory hole, Jon Gruden lawsuit, Ruben Torres knocks out boxer with sucker punch, D Wade biting booty on vacay, D Wade also says part of backlash to the Heat was racial, Jemele Hill responds to Michele Tafoya, Aaron Donald uses helmet as weapon during practice, Djokovic won’t play in US Open, Saban gets new deal, Bill’s punter accused of rape, Taylor Rooks gets backlash for Dame Lillard take while being a woman and Stephen A for president?

BDS 450: Ben Simmons Has Left The Chat

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Serena retiring, Frank Gore charged for domestic violence, Marshawn Lynch DUI, Russia working on negotiations for Griner, Skylar Diggins-Smith sitting out games, Whit Merrifield got vaccinated, Kliff Kingsbury vs Kyler Murray, Pete Rose dodges questions about sexual assault, Khloe waiting to name the baby, Durant gives Nets ultimatum, Channing Crowder still hating on Russell Wilson, Goodell vs Watson, British Open champ signs with LIV, Serena working on baby number 2, Dallas Cheerleaders state of the art locker room, Deion Sanders bathroom, Diontae Johnson sued by his own kid’s camp, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Simmons left the group chat, Kyle Lowry embraces his thickness and Savannah smacks Lebron’s phone.

BDS 449: Contract Divorce

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Liz Cambage’s contract divorce, Deshaun Watson’s suspension, the Dolphins penalized for tampering, Kyler Murray contract clause, Iman Shumpert arrested for weed, OJ Simpson defends Deshaun Watson, Aliyah Boston declines Espy’s invite, Warriors owner fined, Chanel Iman beefs with ex Mother In Law, Lebron trademarking Shut Up And Dribble, Future cornily includes the Wilsons in new video, Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years, TO vs a Karen, Jim Harbaugh will raise his player’s babies, IG model hints at Lebron dms, Jaylen Brown upset about trade talks, Novak Djokovic ignoring vaccine mandate, Sage Steele defends Harbaugh, the Mahomes’, SlamBall is coming back, Brittany Renner, PJ Washington knocks up another IG model, Hollywood Brown arrested for speeding, Saints rookie kicked out of practice, Veronica Bielik, Jeanie Buss hacked, golfers suing PGA, Tua mad we know he got married, Astros fan busted sexting and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fighting!

BDS 448: Still Securing The Bag

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Tristan Thompson cheating again, Russell Westbrook’s acrimonious split with agent, Lebron James plays in the Drew League, Miles Bridges charged officially, Andrew Wiggins regret vaccination, Juan Soto declines contract, Manti Te’o documentary, Urlacher suggest people faking CTE, Biden signs EO to help Griner, Texas A&M player DWI, Texans player, ex-NFL wife robs for bags and jewelry, ex-Colts draft pick accuse of giving baby mama an STD, Kayla Nicole with Wiz Khalifa,  Bears DT gets exposed by baby mama, former TE charged with assault over parking, Tyler Herro tattoo mocked, Charles Barkley defends LGBTQ people but also considers joining LIV golf, Russia’s highest ranked Tennis player comes out, Wimbledon’s quiet room, Jim Harbaugh’s pro-life comments, Texas Tech NIL deals, Notre Dame wants 75 mil, Djokovic out of the US Open, Tim Anderson walks carpet with family and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!

BDS 447: The Tristan

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Baker Mayfield is a Panther, Tristan Thompson strikes again, Sandra Douglass Morgan is the new Raiders president, Jeanie Buss subtweet, Terry Rozier new tat, Jackson Mahomes awkward TikTok, Simone Biles mistaken for a child on a plane, Justice department investigating PGA, Duane Brown arrested, Derek Jeter says gift baskets were a lie, Zach Wilson MILF hunter, Lebron on Brittney Griner, Ice Cub this you’d, Marion Barber died of heat stroke, fake Ja Morant quote, Schefter denies being Schefter, Royals have 10 unvaxxed players missing game, NBA updates, Lamar Jackson slams Bernard Pollard, Tom Brady hasn’t spoken to Trump in years, Isiah says he didn’t free out MJ, Devonte Graham DUI, Demaryius Thomas CTE, George Foreman accused of sexual abuse, Deion Sanders makes up with Nick Saban, Brendan Langley’s assault case dismissed, GP2 gets paid and starts liking OnlyFans and Uh Oh These Nigga’s Fightin!

BDS 446: WAGS In Season

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, The Nets falling apart, NBA off season fighting, Formula 1 racism, DeShaun Watson updates, Sha’Carri Richardson fails to qualify again, Tennis player claims he slept with 2500 women, Draymond Green getting spicy on his podcast, Kendrick Perkins busting back, Paul George gets married, Carmelo sending multiple women the same flowers, PJ Washington gets new GF’s name tatted on him, Kliff Kingsbury vacations with PAWG, Patrick Mahomes gender reveal announcement, Sophie Cunningham says fuck Tina Charles, Stephen A responds to Kyrie, dad texting escort at MLB game, Andrew Bogut shades Kendall Jenner, Kevin Love wed, Brittney Griner gets 6 more months, Miles Bridges DV charge, Naomi Osaka new media company name, Westbrook’s wife calls out Skip, Cam Newton’s submissive girlfriend and Freddie Freeman fires his agent.

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