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BDS 491: Terrell Owens Was Right

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Stephen A Smith dissing Max Kellerman, Patriot fan dies after fight, Colorado State coach talks shit, Touhy’s say they didn’t want to adopt Oher, mom hugs son after game, Lamar Odom crashes car, McNabb going to Outkick, Jerry Jones says he wants a Black owner in NFL, Sergio Brown disturbing video, Sergio Garcia tried to pay off fines to play in Ryder Cup, Mel Tucker says he has a serious health condition, Austin Rivers, Gilbert Arenas talking about The Dream, Sage Steele’s political future, NFL players retiring, Kevin Porter Jr case takes a twist, FBI raids Bears’ coach’s house, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and “Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!”

BDS 490: Buns And Basketball Breakdown

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aaron Rodgers gets injured, Kevin Porter charged with domestic violence, Lavar Ball’s new shoes, Deion Sanders, Scottie Pippen hating, Real Sports ending on HBO, Carl Nassib retires, OJ is a guest on It Is What It Is, Jerry Jones sexual assault case moves forward, Jim Trotter suing NFL, Mike Irvin is back on the air, Mel Tucker releases statement after he’s fired, DraftKings gets canceled of 9/11 promotion, Giannis making demands, Gervon Dexter’s wild NIL deal, Bills employee apologizes for Stefon Diggs slander, Sage Steele gets in a good joke, the James Harden character assassination continues, Shannon Sharpe gets big ratings, Deandre Ayton upset he impregnated porn star, Micah Parson’s podcast and Panther’s player caught using burner account.

BDS 489: Undisputed – Niggas Hollering

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, referee Eric Lewis resigns, the new Undisputed, A’Ja Wilson, MJ not supporting his son’s wedding, Noah Lyles backlash, Giannis threatens Bucks, Simone Biles is back, DeAndre Ayton with Katt Leya, Ben Simmons wants to return to Philly, Harden wants out of Philly b/c of Embiid, Stephen A dissing Jimmy G again, Free Brittany Renner drunk podcast appearance, Austin Reaves girl goes public, Justin Jones baby mama drama and a woman stiff arms someone into oblivion.

BDS 488: The Mahomes Fried Chicken Conspiracy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Liz Cambage, Shannon Sharpe, BS High, Sha ‘Carri wins, Ashlea Albertson dies, Jimmy Graham has a medical episode, Ja’s dad blames Ja, Harden fined for comments about 76ers, Nia Long seeking full custody of child, Trump mugshot, Antonio Brown has warrant issued, Cam and Ma$e get deal for “It Is What It Is,” Serena Williams gives birth, Trey Lance SOL, Michael Irvin reaches deal with Undisputed, Baker Mayfield daddy stole from him, Stephen A discusses Sage Steele, Dame is ready to win a ring, Ryan Clark apologizes to Tua, Jayson Tatum takes pic with Sexyy Red, ex-NBA employee complains about job, MJ’s prenup agreement, Brittany Mahomes posing less, Kevin Hart tears everything and IG model offers to pay fines for hits on baby daddy.

BDS 487: Fake Ass Man of Golf

Rod, Justin, Karen, and Dominic discuss Rod getting his car repaired, listener feedback, Michael Oher suing the Touhy’s, James Harden calls Daryl Morey a liar, Sage Steele leaving ESPN, Stephen A after Shannon Sharpe still, NFL player accused of Pokemon scam, Jed York accused of insider trading, Tom Brady hooking up with Irina Shayk, Marcus Jordan planning wedding, Emmit Smith’s failed restaurant, Ja’Marr chase granted restraining order, Chiefsaholic indicted, Xavien Howard accused of secret sextapes, Sunday Ticket upgrades, Marshawn Lynch curses during slamball game and Caris Levert robbed of watch.

BDS 486: Love and Light

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Liz Cambage, Mark Jackson let go,  Skylar Diggins, Tim Anderson knocked out, Washington Commanders messing up, college players gambling, Uncle OJ discusses sentencing guidelines, Commander’s radio personalities barred from training camp, Dolphin’s WR gf cheated with 17 year old, Draymond started KD’s isolation in Golden State, Tristan Thompson news, Terrence Williams sentence to 10 years, Noah Gragson suspended after liking racist post, man bails out wife, her lover and the hitman who tried to kill him, Simone Biles is back, Yaqub Talib sentenced to 37 years, Stephen A Smith basketball camp, Malika Andrews taking over NBA Countdown, Super Bowl champ arrested with guns, Marcus Jordan, Northwestern, Draya Michele dating rumors, Damon Arnette accused of robbing IG model, Undisputed guests, Derrick Rose revisits sexual assault trial, NFL coming directly to customers, Phil Mickelson and former Jets corner arrested in Canada.

BDS 485: The Khloe Kardashian Konspiracy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, WNBA teammates get engaged, Kim K parties with Tristan, FAMU rap video, Tom Brady dating Irina Shayk, Jordan Addison had a dog emergency, Bryce James shuts down gang signs selfie, Bills RB hurt in jet skiing accident, another NFL player suspended for gambling, Aaron Hernandez brother arrested, Bronny James suffers cardiac arrest, NBA players at the beach, Jayson Tatum not with load management, Olivia Dunne doesn’t go to in-person class, Travis Kelce tried to holler at Taylor Swift, Dwight Howard, Cam Newton suing his ex-girlfriend over car, Mbappe turns down Saudi money, Jaylen Brown dating Bernice, Dame Lillard memo, Floyd Mayweather didn’t see Tupac’s death, Brittany Mahomes foot tat, Zion sued for 2 mil and Adrien Broner apologizes to this girlfriend.

BDS 484: #DadLife

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Browns release player, Lolo Jones, Monty Williams sticks his foot in his mouth, Naomi and Cordae welcome first child together, Lebron switching numbers, D Wade buys stake in Chicago Sky, Zion Williamson fallout, Tour de France crash, Shakira dating Jimmy Butler, Joel might want out of Philly, NFL RB hold outs, Erica Herman drops suit against Tiger, JJ front runner to replace Jeff Van Gundy, Draymond still talking about Jordan Poole, Jordyn Woods makes up with Kylie Jenner, Jag assistant comes out as gay, NIL still not a priority for NCAA, Jordan Addison cited for reckless driving, Dwight Howard sued for sexual assault, Aqib Talib’s brother please guilty, Dan Snyder fined after selling team, Stephen A at the beach, Adam22 responds to Antonio Brown, Patrick Mahomes loves his wife, Travis Kelce back with Kayla Nicole, KD gets “cooked” by comedian, OJ calls out NFL over RB pay, Michael Irvin still suspended, Stephen A wants Shannon Sharpe and Russell Wilson takes a shot at Future.

BDS 483: Taking A Stab At Justice

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Jeff Teague defending Steph, Dwight Howard controversies, Undisputed can’t replace Shannon, Megan Rapinoe retiring, Cam’ron expanding the brand, Chiefsaholic arrested, Ja’s best friend arrested, Clarence Thomas kicking it with NFL owners, Larsa traumatized by MJ disapproving of her relationship with his son, Caster Semenya wins appeal, PGA testifies before congress, Zion Williamson update, Mikala Jones dies in a surfing accident, NBA expansion potential cities, Larry Nassar shanked, Dan Snyder had Blackmail Powerpoint, Aaron Hernandez brother ordered to be arrested, Josh Jacobs rumored 8th child, Alvin Kamara may be suspended, Britney Spears demands a public apology, Kyrie new shoe deal, Joel is cool with Harden, Olovsky grosses everyone out, Scottie Pippen new boo and Big 3 player goes full insurrection.

BDS 482: Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency, Hassan Haskins arrested, ESPN lay-offs, Bob Huggins likes to recycle, Moriah Mills gets Zion face tat, no alcohol sales in Paris, Shaq admits to ruining his relationships, MJ doesn’t approve, Bronny and Shareef denied entry to party, Sha’Carri winning, Britney Spears vs Big Vic security, Savannah James trending, Anthony Edwards addresses gold diggers, Kwame Brown on Jalen Green and Favre says he won’t plead the fifth.

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