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BDS 462: Pippen and Jordan 2022

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ben Gordon arrested again, Kyrie Irving, the Nets, Josh Primo goes after therapist, Udoka, Alvin Kamara punches man, Vanderbilt assistant sideline over pro-Kanye tweet, Miles Bridges files for restraining order, The Washington Commanders, Brittany Griner transferred to labor camp, Juan Dixon named in sexual assault lawsuit, Larsa and Marcus dating,  Tim Hardaway messes up again, Gisele dating new man, athletes being sued over crypto, RG3 wife embarrassed over his chicken eating, refs suing NBA over vaccine requirement, Cade Cunningham lost his crypto, Malik Beasley has new baby with wife he cheated on and a HS suspends season over sexual hazing.

BDS 461: I Just Exist

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Josh Primo cut from Spurs, Kyrie Irving suspended for antisemitic film promotion, Ime Udoka hired by Nets, D Wade sued by ex-wife over Zaya name change, Brett Favre in a new scandal, Lebron no longer rooting for Cowboys, Tom Brady is friends with DeSantis, Britt Reid gets 3 years, Hope Solo arrested again, Deion won’t let team leave hotel in wake of Takeoff’s death, the Commanders for sale while under investigation, NBA Younboy threatens Dejountae Murray, 300K Scottie Pippen game, IG Alize Jane model pregnant, 17 year old arrested for shooting Brian Robinson Jr, Aaron Rodgers getting some blowback, Joy Taylor Halloween costume, city tries to write in Josh Allen as mayor, Jay-Z and Bezos interested in buying Commanders, Russell Wilson and Miles Bridges pleads no contest.

BDS 460: Robot Arm Emoji

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the NBA standings, tanking, Von Miller tipping Twitch women, Devante Adams mocks cameraman, podcaster claims Lebron be cheating, NFL player arrested for not leaving women’s restroom, Brittney Griner appeal rejected, Donda Sports losing athletes, Matt Ryan done for the year, fishermen plead not guilty to weighting down fish, Eric Bledsoe arrested, fake Russell Wilson quote, Gisele gives Tom ultimatum, Deebo Samuel accused of cheating, Dez Bryant defends Kanye, Brittany Mahomes baby shower, Deshaun Watson releases accusers text messages, Antonio Brown selling t-shirts, Iggy Azalea calls out Raiders reporter, former Green Bay TE arrested, Lakers interested in Rozier, Stephen A mocks Kyrie, Larsa Pippen quits OnlyFans, Nick Young says Big 3 missing payments, Kyrie defends Ben Simmons, La La will never marry again.

BDS 459: The Real Killers

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the Dan Snyder controversy, James Bouknight arrested, Deshaun Watson facing new accusation, Dikembe Mutombo diagnosed with brain tumor, Robert Kraft gets married, Jordan Poole gets money, Draymond Green documentary about punch, Julio Jones thief arrested, Russell Wilson, Ice Cube says NBA out to destroy Big 3, Christian McCaffrey traded, gymnast posting Joe Burrow, Quentin Hines brings stripper to HS, Stephen A gaff, Travis Kelce staying with the Blacks, OJ Simpson’s latest thoughts and Black Friday NFL Football.

BDS 458: Don’t Cradle Me Bro!

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ben Gordon arrested, Davante Adams pushes cameraman to ground, Dan Snyder about to let the choppa spray, Draymond Green video reaction, Ime Udoka mistress discovered, NFL concussion protocol updated, fans mad at roughing the passer calls, Troy Aikman apologizes, Dwight Howard thinks he’s done, the Side Chik sandwich, Brett Favre breaks his silence, Kanye episode of “The Shop” shelved, Ex-Angels employee sentence to 22 years, MNF protester claims he suffered concussion, Ja’Marr Chase accused of abuse, Ayesha Curry wearing less and going out more, kid tackled at Bucs game has horrible parents, Brian Robinson, Stephen A Smith, Tom and Gisele, racist high school student exposed, Marshawn Lynch new gig, Penny Hardaway getting a bag, Todd Bowles downplays race, Jason Whitlock suspects Kyler Murray is gay, Kayla Nicole bouncing back with Micah Parsons, Channing Crowder still talking about Russ and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!

BDS 457: Cheat-TE

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Antonio Brown pool incident, Tua concussions, Joe Burrow on concussions, Draymond hits teammate, Ho You Fat, former Cowboys player dies in climbing accident, Khloe Kardashian got brain trauma from Tristan cheating, Tom and Gisele divorce, Ime Udoka rumors, Tom Brady deletes IG post, Lebron James news, NBA fans getting warnings, new ESPN NBA song, Lana Rhoades baby speculation, Kareem goes in on Kyrie, Tyler Herro new contract, D Wade shuts down Zaya’s IG comments, Nick Young tells story of sleeping with cheerleader, Portland team fires execs, Jerrion Ealy suspended and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin!

BDS 456: We Are Past Kneeling

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Myles Garrett scary car crash, more details on Favre “charity” work, more Udoka details, KAT funds Jordyn’s dreams, Russell Wilson code switching, Larsa Pippen might have lied, PA HS student football hazing, Pickleball, Michael Irvin, Shaq recuses himself from cheating commentary, Malika Andrews, Steve Nash on KD, Robert Saleh happy to get call from Trump, Joel Embiid is an American, Rihanna doing Super Bowl half time, Christian McCaffrey injured, “Smile” viral promotions at NFL game and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin’.

BDS 455: Sarver Vs Udoka

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kyler Murray gets slapped by a fan, Ime Udoka faces suspension, Sarver to sell Suns, Oregon apologizes for dissing Mormons, Doc Rivers’ likes go viral, Kayla Nicole shades Kelce, Rajon Rondo settles assault lawsuit, Willie Gay suspended, DirectTV will refund customers, Trevor Ariza’s wife files for divorce, Lebron joins bald brotherhood, Bobby Hart suspended for punching Titans coach, Favre dropped from brands, Stephen Jackson checks in when he travels, Kyrie shares Alex Jones clip, Big Ben policing fan behavior, RGIII’s wife runs his social media, Henry Ruggs, Lions player accused of racism, Russell Wilson, KY players suing police and Ben Simmons will shoot threes.

BDS 454: The Handsdemic

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Brett Favre welfare scamming, Wade leaving TNT, Luka suing his mama, Adrian Peterson knocked out by Le’Veon Bell, Orgeron’s new boo, Anthony Edwards apologizes for homophobia, Sarver suspended for a year, Britt Reid’s plea deal, Saquon Barkley’s girlfriend, the Commanders still cheap, Anthony Davis bad luck, Donovan Mitchell traded to Browns out of spite, Steph Curry news, Russell Westbrook puts house on the market, Irvin poo poos Kaepernick, Brady marriage on the rocks, Von Miller’s haircut, Montrez Harrell arrest details, Serena could come back, UNC safety arrested for domestic violence, the Guardian cap, Dolphins parking lot fire and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!

BDS 453: Hoe Phi Hoe

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Larsa kicking it with MJ’s son, Stanley Wilson arrested taking a bath in a fountain, Kayla Nicole regrets time wasted with Kelce, Jameis Winston, NBA expansion, 6ers player beaten up in Europe, woman can’t name NBA players, Lebron and them sued over documentary idea, rumor KD has baby with porn star, Harden slid in some DMs, PJ Washington engaged and Brit is rooting for him, Tom Brady marriage drama, Lisa Ann ranks types of athletes to fuck, Ezekiel Elliott, Jacksonville player cut then gets DUI, Tyreek Hill sliding into DMs and Cam’s ex suing him for child support and utility bills.

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