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PG 136: Just A White Man

Rod and Justin discuss Amazon packages, YMCA basketball stories, AtlantaFX, The Chi and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    Good Morning Rod and Justin. First I just want to thank Justin for actually remembering my name. I may actually mean something to him. Thanks man. It means something to me. I love those Y stories guys. Y’all keep talking about them. It keeps me focused on getting back in the gym. I’m not getting fat in this cube but hopefully my knees can still bend and I can get to the spot playing defense.

    Rod, I just want to say that I appreciate how you handle people and their contrarian opinions. The debate you had with Bassey in regards to the Monique situation was very tactful. You really rode for Mo’Nique and she just didn’t like her. Clearly we are not a monolith. You are built for this. The balance of maintaining your stance while flushing out someone’s opinion to pin them down is phenomenal. You are good with the “oh this how you think?” *Cam Newton gif* It’s still nice that even though people you like/love have different opinions, you still respect them unless they are utter trash.

    Let me wrap this up. I still fucks with y’all the long way. I need Justin to get his saturday’s together so I can come out there and hoop. I’m proud of y’all.

    Take Care

    Drow in the D.

  2. DeonBmore

    What’s up Rod & Jam Nunberg?

    Your comments last week about the power of a good ass whooping is some of the realest shit ever. I’ve seen it permanently change the attitudes and demeanor of a few people over the years. Probably the greatest example I’ve seen personally is my cousin who for a time was an ain’t shit nigga.

    Long story short he was a terrible husband and a neglectful father. His father in law whooped that nigga’s ass so bad with that old man strength, we thought he was going to die. Fast forward to a year later (after he healed) nigga had a good stable/honest job, was able to save his marriage with counseling and an attitude adjustment and is now a dotting father to his children.

    Every once in awhile a nigga has to get touched up to see the light.

    Peace ya’ll.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and J Nunberg,

    Guys I love your Y stories, someone should cut you check and animate them, they are hilarious. In my mind Chase looks like the comedian Gary Owens, but that just might be me being weird.

    Rod listen to Justin and watch the Good Place, knowing your comedic tastes you would love it. Plus they got some awesome Jacksonville Jaguars jokes so you could talk about it on Balls Deep. Another good show that just started is Good Girls on NBC, it is about 3 women at different points in their lives but they still are friends that are pushed to rob a store. It’s funny but dark at the same time, real dark. It’s what I wanted Breaking Bad to be, you can actually cheer for these women.

    Anyway take care guys

    PS Justin I will support you if you want to #metoo rod for his lightskin bigotry. Al B Sure crawled so that you could run.


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