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SMR 174: Gringo

Rod and Chris Lamberth review the dark comedy “Gringo.”

Chris’ Podcast



    Gringo was just OK to me. I did enjoy the hell out of David Oyelowo cookin’ in this movie, though. He wasn’t wise cracking funny, which I knew Gringo wasn’t going for with his character; yet, to see him be in something different was nice to see. His constant screams & twitches made me enjoy his performance, since he’s usually in a historic or dramatic film. Hopefully, he’ll get more opportunities to be in a comedy; dude had me in stitches. Everyone else was fine, nothing noteworthy. Also, the tone of the film felt inconsistent, IMO. I think that’s, in part, with the director (who’s the brother of Joel Edgerton) trying to balance the comedic & serious elements of the film. The plot’s also forgettable, too. I don’t think Gringo’s a bad film, but I don’t think it’s good, either.

  2. Selester63

    This is a very enjoyable movie that’s funny and entertaining. I like the way David Oyelowo’s “naive nice guy” character (who got shit on most of the movie) came out on top at the end. Also the other main characters got their “just desserts” at the end. I agree that Charlize Theron’s character didn’t suffer like the others at the end but maybe it’s because Joel Edgerton’s character was also fucking her around like he did everybody else. Anyway overall great performances by the entire cast.

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