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1635: Shkreli Going To Jail-y

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Rod and Karen discuss Karen going blonde, popping flavor and dripping sauce, Ryan Coogler ode to Ava, Juelz Santana gun incident, Common and Angela split, Shkreli going to jail, DJ’s suspended for ambushing co-host on air, Stacey Dash, Tiffany Haddish, woman shoots man for coming home late, woman can’t stop calling 911, woman beats up boyfriend and sword ratchetness.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    When are the masses going to start the ‘Common can’t keep a woman’ narrative? It might be out there but I don’t see it like we see with women.

    Regarding Tiffany Haddish – I am so tired of folks being concerned about the white gaze! Admittedly, I was there when I was younger. It was drilled into me when I was at A&T, the things not to do around white folks. I had to represent the race well. It wasn’t long before I realized that there was nothing I could do to make them respect the race, they might think I’m special but would believe what they wanted about the race. Add that to my give a care levels being inversely proportioned to my time here on earth and now these folks get all my blackness. Just the other day, my coworker was talking about how Ryan Coogler needed to learn how to speak and asking why Ava didn’t give him some pointers before letting him speak to the public. I wanted to fight her! Then I remembered how I used to be, cut her some slack and tried to educate the youngster.

  2. J-Full

    Re: Tiffany Haddish

    I feel the same way about Tiffany Haddish as I feel about a lot of black comedians/creatives when they blow up. I always worry that people will be laughing AT them but not WITH them. Obviously, they could be totally cool with people laughing at them but I always wonder what if they’re thinking everything is sweet and it hurts their feelings when they find out. That being said, I keep these thoughts to myself and I never let my fears keep me from rooting for them to have as much success as possible.

    Re: Juelz’ Gun

    As far as Santana goes. I imagine he might be one of those celebs that always has a gun around but never in their possession. He came up in the hip-hop cop era so I can totally see him not always having the gun physically on his person and probably forgot. That being said, I feel like he might’ve come out better saying “oh shit, I forgot the gun was in the bag” and trying to leverage his celebrity to get a lesser penalty in the moment. Now I bet the judge gonna try to throw the book at him. Hopefully the paperwork on the gun is legal and up to date.

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    Tamaric Johnson has snatched all my edges and my scalp!!!

    Check him out on Instagram @glittergoonn

    • J-Full

      I’d heard your name on the show many times. Never realized how it was spelled “PhDone”. Congratulations!

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