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1669: 53 Percent Dog

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Karen!!!

    Let me just say I’m glad for the 30 second fast forward feature on my RSS Radio app. I’m not going to mention what made me have to fast forward for fear I’ll have to fast forward this issue.

    I missed the initial news of the Waffle House incident because I was dealing with family stuff, but I would peek in on Twitter and FB occasionally. When I finally heard the details, I was livid that I didn’t see the outrage. Especially since Waffle House backed their employees. Mofos are still talking about boycotting Starbucks but silent on Waffle House. Ugh – I hate people!

  2. AbsintheMinded

    I absolutely love your podcast. I don’t understand how people can be unhappy with something you are getting for free. One day I will be able to go premium. Keep up the amazing work. When is the next Negro Con? I need another hug from Karen. I didn’t get a chance to say hi to Rod & Justin. Maybe next time. I blocked a Facebook friend over their defense of Cosby and victim blaming. I don’t have the time or energy to keep going back and forth. Love you guys

  3. J-Full

    I didn’t get this feedback in in time for the show but that story about the Black women getting the police called on them at the golf course really fucked with me. On BDS yall know I love golf. But the golf course is so full of micro and macro aggressions. I can’t believe they would call the police on someone on a Saturday morning. Everybody knows that’s the worst time to play golf because it’s ALWAYS slow. That’s when most people can get out of the house to play. But like everybody knows, it wasn’t really about slow play.

    Every year I take a golf trip with 20 black dudes and we travel all over the country to play. I’m always nervous that when 20 black dudes show up to a course there’s gonna be a problem. Fortunately, most years we haven’t had any issues. We play modified rules to make sure we can keep up the pace. However, 2 years ago we were playing PGA National in West Palm Beach we had an issue. Long story short the 2 groups that were supposed to play before us didn’t show up. So the marshall saw the gap on the course and accused us of falling behind. We ended up having to skip a hole on the most famous stretch of the course. They had been harassing us all morning but we were staying at the golf resort so we really couldn’t do much because we still had a few days left on our trip.

    This year we’re going to the gulf coast of Mississippi, needless to say I’m very nervous about how we’ll be received.

    TBGWT golfers if you ever get a chance to play with older black ladies, you should. They’re a lot of fun. And if there are any black women interested in getting into golf there’s an organization called Black Girls Golf that was founded to create friendly environments for Black women to learn and enjoy the game.

  4. Meiko

    I just had to leave a little comment after you mentioned going to see Avengers again because we went yesterday and my daughter left that movie distraught. I mean, I was shook but she actually cried a little on the way home. I won’t say anymore so as not to spoil anything. It left us all reeling but she was basically you, Rod, when you said “What are movies, what is life, etc.” She’s still upset, especially because she knows she can’t talk about it with her friends at school because they that haven’t seen it. She has so many feelings about it. We’ll probably go again tomorrow when it’s $5-if she’s up for it. Anyway, just thought that was funny. Thanks y’all!

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    I enjoy sharing TBGWT with my daughters. My youngest teased me after you read a few of my comments. She said “No wonder you like this podcast so much, it’s because they read your comments.” I told her that “I send in comments because i do like your podcast that much.” lol.

    I just wanted to chime in about people idolizing Cosby so much. I’m from that generation who grew up with Fat Albert, the Cosby Show, etc. I didn’t grow up with a dad. I grew up in the ghetto during the crack 80s. The Cosby show represented that dream. I totally imagined my life could be that comfortable. However, I never think or thought of Cosby as a fill in father figure. One of my friends posted that the bus driver was more her father than Bill Cosby because he, unlike Cosby, took her to and from school each day.

    Finally, speaking of father figures, your conversation with Justin on the Pregame show about how strange it was when you met folks who thought it was alien that you know your dad and he lived with you. When I started college, I was SHOCKED to met black people who had both parents who were married and lived with them or who had lived in homes that their parents owned, etc. I would thing “What type of Black people are you? I didn’t know you could exist.”

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