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1690: Absolute Favourites

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. D Ramsey PhDone

    I am with Missdani….Praying that the September 20th Show is a huge sell-out!

  2. missdani

    Hey y’all love the show! I just wanted to mention another episode where y’all talked about bullet ball: “Kidz Bop” (idk the ep number).

    I also wanted to say I love the Facebook group and have formed some real-life friendship with some of those people. I remember when you said the group was not a safe space (especially after membership hit a certain number), and I governed myself accordingly.

    AAAAAAANNNNTTTTTYYYYYWAAAAAYYY: I hope that the live show sells all the way out and y’all have a great time! Rod don’t let anxiety take over because I’m claiming in the name of Jeeeeesus that nothing is gonna go wrong and it’s gonna be LIT!

    Karen I love you and keep on being #blackgirlmagic

  3. EKM

    I’ve been listening to the show for 2-3 years, never commented… & now, I feel like I can’t go a week without saying something I also started out my cooking journey, using All Recipes. But, I’ve slightly graduated to Yummly. I like Yummly because it basically aggregates recipes from different food blogs & sites… the flavor profiles & level of difficulty, varies.

    I switched to Yummly, because I was having similar issues with All Recipes; not enough seasoning, & I didn’t like all the “housewifey,” unimaginative recipes that called for corn starch & cream of chicken or mushroom soup. When I’m feeling really imaginative & ambitious, I’ll try Epicurious. One day, I hope to graduate to Kitchenista & Food 52.

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