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BDS 258: Hold My Henny!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Bryan Colangelo burner accounts, LaVar Ball and his kids, Ayesha Curry, Shayanna Jenkins pregnant, Mavericks Pants DJ, Incognito was paranoid, Terrance Williams snitching, Harden missed the most 3’s, Serena brought the cat suit back, Brett Brown gets extension, Delaware ready for sports betting, White House confirms Eagles visit, Stills deciding if he’ll protest, Kenny Smith interviews with Pistons, Butler had drugs in his system, Pistons sued over player death, Khloe sub-Instagrams Tristan, NFL didn’t hold official vote on Anthem policy, Kawhi wants to return to Spurs, Reuben Foster has weed charges dropped, Ronaldinho denies wedding two women, Luke Maye coming back to college, Lindsay Gottlieb questioned about biracial baby, NBAPA launches mental health program and Aaron Jones goes viral.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Jordan Clarkson,

    I wanted to get y’alls opinion on this debate that keeps reading its ugly head, the super team and how some view these new players as weak for joining up to win rings. A lot of people blame Lebron or Durant and even Kg and Ray Allen for the creation of the super team, but I blame the fans and the media. My perspective is that we killed the guys in the 90s so much for not winning a ring or beating Jordan that it changed how modern players looked at ring chasing and how they value individual accolades vs championships.

    We all have spent the better part of two decades either watching or participating in people clowning Charles Barkley for not ever winning. Barkley was a beast of a player but the first thing most people say about him on sports shows and radio is that he never won. Why would guys like Lebron and Durant wanna risk their legacies but never winning enough championships to quiet the critics? How the sports world treats guys that never won is why we have players so willing to join up and create super teams in my opinion. What do you all think?


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jay Colangelo,

    I hope all is well.

    Dragonfly Jonez said it best on Twitter: the Warrior’s ceiling is Steph and floor is KD. Even in a game where LeBron gets *yet another* 30 point triple double; where Kevin Love gets 20-13; where the rest of those fiftyeleven lightskint guards don’t cause me to throw things at my TV….the Cavs still lose. Kevin Durant pulls up from 3 and just ends the season. Goddamnit. And yes Rod, it was my lowered expectations as a Cleveland fan that had me talking outta my neck optimistically. In fact, LeBron should go full Game 7 Kobe tonight. Fuck shooting, let JR take wll the shots he wants. These niggas are beyond sorry.

    How exactly did this lanky bamma ass nigga think he’d gain the respect of his peers by joining a team you couldn’t create in a video game? Also, how the fuck does he get on the bandwagon of blaming Russ for OKC not winning? Nigga got to Golden State and suddenly learned that at 7 feet tall he can block shots, but it’s Russ’s fault? Ole underground railroad scalp having ass nigga.

    Also, is Russell Westbrook a perennial It Is His Fault All Star? No matter what happens, he will get blamed. Maybe LeBron?

    Oh Peyton Manning, you wonderous long necked, grain silo foreheaded as bastard. Out here having the audacity to lie to folks and act like you didn’t use PED’s to keep his skull upright. The only white men with bigger heads than Peyton are all carved into Klan, er, I mean Stone Mountain. Out here with a neck held together by more prayers than American infrastructure.

    LeBron should go to New Orleans. His family deserves to live somewhere with sunlight. Oh and also teammates who can shoot and play defense.

    Have a great day and weekend y’all!

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin Colangelo

    What if the warriors blow a 3-0 lead?!?

    Just kidding, this series is probably over tonight. Tyronn Lue needs to be fired whether Lebron stays or goes. His inability to make in-game adjustments is pathetic.

    That’s all for now peace

  4. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Cleveland. I’m glad the Finals are almost over. If the universe has any mercy, itll go ahead and let that sweep happen. We all know Golden State is stacked, but Cleveland still had a real chance to win two games. The other players are just so so so bad. Bless their hearts. Anyway, 2 talking points I’m kinda tired of hearing already…. KD still hasn’t won a ring as “the man” on a team. I mean sure, it’s Steph’s team, but KD might have 2 Finals MVPs by the end of the weekend and Steph ain’t got none. I’d argue he has proven he’s the man on that team. They really act like he hasn’t been pulling his weight in GS at all. It’s silly. And the other thing, so many people keep saying well LeBron should go west and play in the better conference so we can really see how good he is and blah blah bullshit. If you’re a person who thinks like that, LeBron will never be able to convince you he isn’t just a product of the weaker conference. Why are people advocating an older person needs to go somewhere and work harder? We all be tryna coast at work, but somehow if an athlete doesn’t take the toughest road to reach their ultimate goal, they’re somehow less than. Work smart not hard, suckas. Also, I only heard the podcast for the first episode of high noon
    I stan for Bo, but I’m a little iffy on Pablo. He said that he usually writes out all of his thoughts before he goes on air or something like that, and I can tell by the way he talks. He’s kinda robotic. Also, when he was talking about how Maria Sharapova IS the beauty in the narrative surrounding her and Serena, I side eyed so hard I damn near gave myself a headache. I hope the show does well though cuz I love Bo. Have a good weekend! Smooches

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jeyton Manning

    Oh we didn’t forget Peyton! The way my petty is set up I’m always gonna remind folks this Frankenstein neck, Papa John’s piece of shit was on HGH so I love every time that story comes back up. This nigga was sending goons to reporters and had his wife take the fall like he’s Bryan Colangelo. His lawyers will still deny confirmation without a paper trail, but when your forehead is that wide you don’t need to write anything down.

    Then again we shouldn’t be surprised after the week the NFL is having. Between them still running after Trump and trying to appease their racist fanbase and Goodell’s Domestic Violence program being exposed for the joke it is, a doping ex-QB is the least of their problems. I’ve never seen a sports league with this many own goals all because they wanted to look like they keep their darkies under control.

    P.S. Shout out to the homie Bo and Pablo on the first week on High Noon. That show is gold

  6. rodimusprime

    Rod and Just-Go-Sit-Down,

    I am not sure if Rod said it here AND on the free show, but you were spot on about kneeling and the NFL. All they did was encourage players to be creative and get hella specific about what is being protested. Hint: It ain’t the troops. When Malcolm Jenkins pulled out those signs, my whole being cackled. Granted, he’s on a team that is more forgiving than others. I can’t wait to see what else players do.

    If this type of protest continues, media is in a tricky position. Do they continue to interview/cover players and whatever non-football related message they bring? Or, do they fill the airtime with less interviews?


    Ms. Smart

  7. rodimusprime

    Yo yo

    Rod & Jodney hood

    Just curious what y’all think of these okc related questions:

    A) What if okc got rid of Russ instead of harden,

    How would that okc squad fair?(harden & kd)

    Think they would have lost that 3-1 lead?

    B) Melo Melo Melo…. if he opts out of that 28mil (which is money to get that building for lala), where could he go? Where would he fit?

    I personally don’t see where he can go and shit work especially when he claims he not coming off the bench! I think he not working in okc either, he’s reached vet minimum contract status now (approx 5 mil)

    C) shout out to Rodney Hood for showing up in game 4, but the body language king James been giving off since game 2 feels like “fuck this shit I’m out! “ and fuck dan gilbert, his emails and his tweets! He starting to feel that pressure of the reality the king is out!

    Peace out fellas


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