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1700: No Shame

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Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s Dad to discuss music, Superfly, Sessions cites the bible, Rob Rogers fired, Fox New shooting solution, Toys R’ Us, Target baby daddy card, waitress fired from Air Force, party like it’s 1776, woman shoots husband in the balls, man threatens to shoot up DisneyWorld, man makes returns to Walmart for 1.3 million, barbershop shooting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. thegrandshuckett

    That Superfly music dropping in was good yung. Had me rolling

  2. Amani

    I’ve got to give that Target Card story a zero. I can’t speak for her store, but there were a bunch of Black cards in mine before I even got to the Mahogany section. It sounds like she waited until the last minute and then had to come up with an excuse for not having a good card. I respect the hustle!

    And always great when Pops is on the show. Hope you got a chance to roast him about his Ted Cruz face point guard going to Utah.

  3. chance christopher

    Pops cool as shit!

  4. Rhea Miller

    My favorite episodes are when Mom and Pop Tips are on. They both have good comedic timing and such a good sense of humor. I see where you get it from. Question, has Brother Tips every been on the show? I have been listening for more than 5 years and I don’t recall him being in the show. Hey Ms Karen. See y’all in September. XOXO.

  5. Tears of Thanos (@mrtnhntr)

    Over here in BrexitLand we’re not getting Superfly till September!!

  6. Anne

    Karen & husband Rod,
    I finally got around to watching Black Panther on Amazon Video. Yes, I’m one of those who waits for the digital release instead of going to the theater. Anyway, I realized that the guy who plays M’Baku (Winston Duke) is from Trinidad and Tobago. Being a fellow Trini I had to point that out. Wakanda Forever!

  7. D Ramsey PhDone

    ***** Stars! Papa Morrow is so warm and refreshing with his annual Father’s Day session on the podcast. Because of Rod’s review, I am gonna go see SuperFly this weekend!

  8. Deme

    I had just seen Superfly when this episode dropped and Rod’s commentary made me want to go watch it again. WHICH I AM GOING TO DO, with my mama! Lol!!!! I could not stop laughing, loved this episode and always love when the parents stop by! Oh and my name is pronounced like Demee, I have a hard time getting the courage to correct people in regards to my name because I always feel like I sound bitchy. Anyway, love y’all!!

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