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PG 154: Him Vex Me!

Rod and Justin discuss In My Feelings Challenge, YMCA basketball stories, weddings, kids in public, Claws, Pose, RNC in Charlotte, Love and Hip Hop Reunion, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, feedback, Luke Cage and reality TV news.


  1. Hello Rod and J Rye

    A notice seh you call up me name last week. I need to point out before I move on that I loved Luke Cage despite the accents. You’re right on another thing. Thank goodness they left out the homophobia. Everytime de stylers man dem were onscreen I crossed my fingers and hoped against hope that the writers didn’t make them say some homophobic shit. They did leave in one thing that always pisses me off. It’s the attitude that some of us Jamaicans have that the American slaves were docile while our forefathers were more rebellious.

    Anyway I’m on to Pose now, but am only up to episode 4. The actors seem to be doing well to me, so I don’t get the criticism of the acting quality. I love the way they bring the panic in the community in the 80s to the fore. You really get the sense that they all felt they were on borrowed time and the world at large didn’t care about them. This may exceed ThIs Is Us in volume of tears.


  2. rodimusprime

    07/19/2018 at 9:06 AM

    Damn, y’all gotta tell Chase to chill! I read this article recently. Some white guy called the cops on a dude who fouled him in a pickup game. What part of the game is this??


  3. rodimusprime

    07/19/2018 at 9:05 AM

    Hello Rod and J Angela Rye,

    You see they calling the police on fouls at rec centers now? Made me think of you guys and I am praying y’all don’t end up a hashtag. You know the “No angel” articles would be fast and furious between Rod’s tweet and old pictures of Justin with dreads.

    Justin I am sorry that Chase’s Whitedemption didn’t take, I know you were cheering for him. Was he the one that was importing a mammy for his kids? I know y’all use to joke about somebody getting a au pair for their kids.

    Anyway take care guys


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