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1719: You Could’ve Said Nothing

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Rod and Karen discuss kids working on tobacco farms, TSA screeners get immunity, Jill Stein using recount money for legal defense, McDonald’s getting kiosks, Plane Bae saga, Taking Out The Trash and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Charles H Baker

    There is a Sunday Assembly (Atheist/Humanist Church) in Charlotte: https://saclt.wordpress.com/ . Here’s a list of them all over the world: https://www.sundayassembly.com/assemblies. There are other types of weekly gatherings for atheists and humanists, too. I haven’t been in a while but I sometimes go to the Piedmont Humanist meeting here in Greenville, SC.

  2. [email protected]

    The podcast where Charlemagne and Schultz were discussing the incident with the 15 year old girl was enough for me to know that Charlemagne is a no count person. Number 1 he was a 22 year old grown ass man giving a 15 year old baby excessive alcohol and a substance that could knock her out. Number 2 once she was nearly unconscious he proceeds to have sex with her. There was no way he had her consent. He raped that girl and now it’s funny? That young lady has to live with those scars the rest of her life and look like a slut to the world while he’s crowned king. He was a loser then and a worse piece of garbage now.

  3. bamil73

    Hi guys

    The McDonald’s kiosk situation raises some interesting points. Automation for manual type jobs seems to be almost a forgone conclusion. Most of the supermarkets in the Vancouver area where I live have self checkout lanes, and the ordering kiosks in MacDonalds have been around here for quite some time. It seems inevitable that people that rely on thIs type of work will increasingly be shafted. An idea that has been floating around in progressive circles for a while is a universal basic income. This is where government pays people a basic income, which gives them room to breathe. The thinking is that if you have a little money coming in, it means that you can take a little extra time to update your education, write and sell your music or start podcast, without needing a full time day job. This would probably never work in the US because the people that run your country think that any sort of welfare is evil and encourages laziness, especially if there’s an off chance that some of that money will go to the negroes. The world has to rethink capitalism as it exists today. Capitalism favors motherfuckers that already have capital, of the lucky few who are in the right place at the right time. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not an advocate for socialism either. At least not until that pesky white supremacy thing is eliminated.

    With regard to plane bae. I saw that thread on Twitter and immediately thought that it wouldn’t end well. I felt for certain that the woman in the situation would end up being verbally abused at the very least. The couple doing the stalking was suspect as they were sprinkling their tweets with a lot of “urban” vernacular, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, great shows this week as usual.


    PS you didn’t talk about it in this episode but the spirit of Bast compels me to say that, Granny Smith apples are T. Rash. and honey crisp are by far the superior apple.

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