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PG 156: Pewn Pewn Pewn

Rod and Justin are joined by Audrey to discuss Permit Patty, YMCA republicans, being washed, local politics, Basketball Wives, LHHH, Pose, Snowfall and Queen Sugar.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Rod, Justin,

    I had to miss half of the live pre-game show cus WORK. So I am sitting here listening now and I hear Justin call me out by name like I am some sort of authority on men from Detroit! Like I have no loyalty to the town that shaped me into the G I am today? If you think I’mma willingly admit men from Detroit ain’t shyt, you are absolutely right. Beige ones, brown ones, 11:59PM-Almost-Midnight ones? Ain’t none of em worth shyt! Trust! In real life, Overton would be getting Nova to use her benefits card to put groceries in ‘his’ apartment, which is in Charlie’s name, that he shares with Darla…and his momma! And Overton would do all this maneuvering while wearing a 74 button having, skittles colored suit, matching gators, and a wide brimmed fedora.

    Ms. Smart

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