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1729: Racism Karma

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Rod and Karen discuss Papa John’s losing business, cutting off toxic family members, Anne Hathaway, racist man loses business, Beyoncé’s issue of Vogue, finger gun robber, wife kills husband over porn, doctor caught fondling patient, woman robs bar and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_Swindu744

    Shoutout to video cameras on phones- you da real mvp…hahahaha

    Racism and hatred is so illogical! I for the life of me can’t understand why these people think they are going to get away with talking crazy to black people ,I say this all the time -DON’T LET TRUMP GET YOU FUCKED UP!!!!

    Thanks for another great one !

    peace and love Rod and Karen,

  2. reallydarkknight

    So the racist man who followed a guy home is losing his business? I just want you to know, that shit is a bop, my favorite muhfucking song and it is my jam! [Hit the music, Rod!]

  3. Trappin' is a hobby

    This was an exceptionally good show. Thanks Rod and Karen.

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