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PG 157: Kimberly vs K Michelle

Rod and Justin discuss Lost In Space, pick up basketball stories, strategies to get next at the court, LHHH, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, Snowfall, The 100 and listener feedback.


  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Justin! I just want to reiterate what I said in the chat, EYE am fine if y’all don’t discuss the shows. I’m actually glad you mentioned that it can get stressful Rod, because it was stressful for me. I don’t watch anything live and I found myself stressed out trying to watch the shows before PG. Then my ass got called into a meeting and missed the discussion anyway!!! So I’ll just go back to asking the chat to let me know when y’all finish talking – especially this week because I ain’t watched Queen Sugar or Snowfall LOL.

    Anyway, just keep doing what y’all do – I’m just glad to be in the number.

    Love Y’all!

    Oh and Justin, I’ll see you and all that shit you’re talking in September. Just kidding… or not…

  2. Amani

    I’m gonna be that kid nobody likes again, but man if you don’t stop stressing yourself out about what we want and just do what makes you happy!

    I remember when Pre-Game used to be 30 minutes, we’re just here to hear y’all chop it up. This ain’t a TV review show, it’s Rod and Justin shoot the shit (shout out to Nina). Nobody wants this to turn into the last season of the last season of True Blood.

    Now I’m just a little confused, because that basketball 101 didn’t include a lesson in ball tapping. Does Prince Leron teach that in 301 or is that just no longer on the curriculum? No graduate course work from Chris Balls?

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