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SMR 201: Mile 22

Rod and Karen review the spy action movie, “Mile 22.” We also discuss trailers and your feedback.

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    Fuck the writing of this movie. Not only is it bad, but the fact that the Mark Wahlberg character is played off as this smart, hard-nose agent is such a reach. From him playing with that rubberband that doesn’t calm him down, berating his colleagues (the women get it worse in this shitty film), useless info of his three wifes & so on. The fact that he & his Overwatch crew got played by Iko Uwais was the perfect cherry on top of a miserable ice cream. But, yeah, Wahlberg’s trash & so is much of the cast. Iko is my favorite actor in this movie, by far. I think I gave this film a 2, but the more I think about it, it’s a big fat one. Stay away.

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