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PG 159: Don’t Worry About What Me And My Wife Do

Rod and Justin discuss insomnia, taking time off work, YMCA basketball, Rod Lewis, Doja Cat’s video, Teepublic, LHHH, Basketball Wives, Insecure, Awkwafina and Claws.


  1. mlagman

    Hi, I really enjoyed your discussion about Crazy Rich Asians, specifically about Asians and black people being influenced by each other’s cultures. I am Asian (Filipino), and I have always felt very at home with black people, even though I wasn’t raised around them. My brother too – he pledged as a Que while at Purdue. It’s such a weird line, and I guess it relates to what you think qualifies as appropriation versus what you’re influenced by due to your surroundings or even just what you happen to like. Probably intent counts too. Anyway, there’s no point to this other than to say I appreciated hearing your perspective because I am aware – maybe hyperaware – that I’m not black and in your space and in your FB group.

    Oh, and lastly, I’m coming to Charlotte for the live show! I can’t wait to meet you, Karen, and Justin. Yes, I said Justin!

    Your Filipino fan,

  2. Turq

    Hi Guys-

    I think I’ve been listening to Pre-Game for about a year now. My ears perked up the first time I heard Justin refer to his wife Turq because I was wondering if she shared my name. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Rod confirm that there is in fact another Turquoise. I went to high school with a Turquoise and met another one at Target so there are at least 3 in my hometown Milwaukee. People always ask if it’s my real name and my favorite color (yes and hell no.) It must have been a trendy thing to name little Black girls Turquoise in the 1980s.

    About Awkwafina, I don’t like that Blackcent shit if she is talking that talk, but has never walked that walk. In Milwaukee, we have huge Vietnamese, Lao, and Hmong communities. A lot of them lived in Black neighborhoods because those were affordable, went to predominantly Black schools, and of course grew up in a time where some of the most influential cultural forces were by Black artists. A lot of them talk with Blackcents because they talk like the people they grew up with, are married to, and have kids with. A lot of them learned English by practicing with their neighbors and classmates so it makes sense that they would have a certain affect. But doing the shit because you think it’s cute or funny or makes you cool is just whack.



  3. EvieE

    I hope Issa takes that list and gives it to the competitor to leverage for a better job or start her own non profit because those white feminists at We Got Y’all don’t have her back, especially Frieda. I need her to cuss them all out one good time before she throws up the deuces.

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