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SMR 205: Peppermint

Rod and Karen review the revenge action movie “Peppermint.” We also talk trailers and your feedback.



    When they showed that mural of Jennifer Garner with those assault rifles meant to be her “angel wings,” I know I came to the right film. She shot a lot of latin dudes, punched a white woman for her deceased daughter, couldn’t fight worth a damn & still got away. I had a blast with this movie, because it gave me what I wanted, despite the stuff I just mentioned. While I did want a more sophisticated action film with better writing, directions & choreography, I couldn’t contain myself with the stuff that went on with this movie. It was nice to see Garner find her inner Clint Eastwood with that ‘I want Justice” line, since, not a lot of women get to headline action films. I get that she wanted to avenge her daughter & husband, but man was Riley North on some trial & error stuff just to get to the film’s eventual conclusion. Garner is the best actor here, cuz after her & probably John Ortiz, the acting is pure booty. It’s not that they didn’t try, they just weren’t good, even the big bad villains in this joint. The story besides the central part is stupid & some of the stuff with that one lawyer, big cartel boss guy & Method Man (?) is barely addressed. Some shit just happens. I did enjoy myself, regardless of how bad it was.

  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I saw this movie to see Jennifer Garner get her revenge on the people who killed her family, so I enjoyed the violence. I was glad they quickly got to the action because the trailer basically showed the death of her family anyway so no need to drag it out.

    Instead of trying to threaten and bribe Riley North (Garner) wouldn’t it have been easier for “the bad guys” to just to kill her.

    Riley North was a basic ass bank employee who disappeared for 5 years and came back an expert in the use of weapons and hand to hand combat (she must have attended the elite impossible white man training program…lol). They could have at least made her a former military soldier.

    They showed her killing a lot of brown people in this movie, I thought there were some racial overtones. I wonder if the fact that the “good” cop was also brown supposed to balance it out.

    I thought that when Riley made it to the grave of her husband and daughter she would just die there. But I guess since ALL the people she killed were “bad” she deserves to live and be free…..(eye rolling emoji).

    I give it a 3 out of 5.

    Thanks, peace.

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