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#Walking FTWD: Season 4: 14 MM 54

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Karen,
    The name of the episode may a reference to the mile marker where Marta and her husband we stranded. The helpful trucker gang leaves the supplies at the mile markers ending in 4 and I think they showed the marker at the start of the episode. I love the recaps and only watch FTWD because of your TWD recaps. I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t watch TWD, but I never miss a recap. Also had a blast at the live show. You guys are amazing.

    @chocalycookie in the chat

  2. jamielscorpio

    What up. I believe MM 54 Stands for mile marker 54. Because at the start that is where Martha and her husband were crashed at. I first saw her on random acts of flyness and she has creeped me out ever since especially this role

  3. fyahworks

    If we got this, means my favorite couple still got power and everything is good money! I got an aunt in Burlington and she seems to be doing fine as well!

    As for the show, I was happy to get Martha back story. I felt the same way Karen did about The cars coming down the road. They hit Martha with a racist swerve! It felt like I’d rather flip this suv 10 times, than help a nigga! I love the convenient rake falling off the truck tho! But fuck Jimbo non faith having ass in “mo-mo”. He deserved to get bit. I enjoyed this episode, although I don’t really understand the correlation of the title to this episode though, unless those were the type of bullets that tore that truck up! Was there a mention of mm 54 in the show?

    Keep on trucking! Wait ain’t no more truck!

    One love


  4. Selester63

    What up Rod & Karen,

    I’m glad we got Martha’s back story, it gave insight to what happened to her. But she’s still crazy as hell and needs to go. I think she’ll survive that shotgun blast from Wendell. So Jimbo got bit, oh well. Let’s face it besides making beer his whiney character was kind of a waste. I’m guessing that Alicia and Charlie may have found John & Strand, we’ll see. Have a good one, peace.

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