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TTM 42: Ready-Like

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In a very special episode Rod and Bassey discuss Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”

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  1. thatTish

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    This Obsessed-Like episode had me cringing so much. Nathan ain’t shit for inserting himself into her life so much and then ghosting like that. A nigga like that knows he has the tendency to ghost and it’s cruel for them to set themselves up as a source of emotional support when they know they’ll rip it away with no warning.

    Nathan was never planning to stick around long. He didn’t offer Issa any physical help with her attempt to get the block party figured out. Just “Damn, that’s a lot of forms for you to fill out…you can do it!” Like, damn, and you don’t have to offer up any of your clients, but you can’t even fill out the basic information of even a couple of the forms for her? Drop them off? Nothing that required Nathan to show up for her was said.

    And Black Twitter turned into The Sixth Sense with all these ghosts posting their threads on why they don’t owe anybody anything. Hit dogs been hollering for two weeks.

    • thatTish

      Also, is it possible for Molly to get put out the firm for “not fitting into the culture”? Cuz if so, she’s on the way.

  2. Miss1ko

    I have to write in. I have to co-sign on all of Jaeda Laurez’s comment above on Kelly at the baby shower. She offered to host and Tiffany didn’t trust her enough to know what kind of party/shower and “act right”. Just shade, I say, SHADE. allow me to project based on nothing. In several previous episodes it has been made clear that TIffany and Kelly are supposed BFFs from her running that 5k(or marathon) and Tiffany was there on time and Kelly knew that Tiff was pregnant. Maybe since she’s been pregnant , she has been slowly decreasing her friendship with Kelly and that is why Kelly resents the baby. People have babies and have friends. Tiffany had a whole bunch friends that were not at that bougie ass birthday party planning her party. You don’t let your other friends make those back up comments…again SHADE. Kelly may have been reckless at coachella and at that table but she doesn’t seem to be like that at work. People have babies and act like it is literally he second coming. It’s a baby shower. It was extra to begin with. Tiffany excluded her purposely without a proper conversation. She didn’t want to say Tiffany hates me, so she projected that on to the baby. She does not want to admit out loud how tiffany has augment her friendship. What does this way about me that I think Kelly’s showing out was MILD? LOL Maybe I should watch again. All she wanted was them damn cupcakes on the table.

    Side note: I don’t think Dro’s wife knows everything.
    I love the Lawrence Issa chemistry.
    I thought it was weird that y’all the strippers were nasty…. chad ain’t get dick roaches.

    The obsession episode though. Disrespectful. DISRESPECTFUL. Her trying to get in his laptop. No. Just
    NOPE. But him hopping in her life an being supportive and then falling off…..who does that? Asian bae though, even if they don’t work out, Molly needs that balance and calling out on her crazy. I have more thoughts but we can all agree that I’ve typed too much and that your recaps are SCHMONEY i love y’all.

  3. Peaches749

    Hey ya’ll I love the recaps. You and Bassey keep me rolling. I been wondering, what if Candace is a cuck-queen and shes all in for whatever Dro running around doing? Thats her kink and why shes so unbothered. Maybe… Too progressive for the show? Lol

  4. rodimusprime

    Hope this isn’t too late but… some thoughts:

    1.Why is this nigga Molly the way that she is? Girl. I’m not appreciating the direction in which they’re taking her character. From work to dating to friendship, she is irritating tf outta me. Is she self-sabotaging? Looks that way to me.

    2. The ONLY reason the whole inner-thought commentary this episode was passable for me is because it was Issa Rae and Issa Rae is hilarious. Otherwise I wasn’t really feeling it.

    3. Something was off about Lawrence’s whole church storyline. Idk. I feel like there was something else going on there and I’m curious to see where they go with it. I also realized that I am 100% not interested in seeing Lawrence seriously dating anyone else. If it ain’t Issa, I don’t want to know.

    4. Chad and his awfulness are getting old. Like his lines seem mad forced these days, albeit still hilarious.

    5. Finale better be at least an hour long cause if they don’t fit in ALL of Nathan’s storyline and explanation for this nonsense, I’ma be hot. Like I honestly can’t see how I’d forgive him for this ghosting business. It’s the rudest shit you can do. And he was cutting hair a day ago according to IG so as far as I’m concerned, there’s zero excuse. But… I’ll wait to see what’s really good.

    As always, thank you guys, you’re seriously the best and the fact that This is Us returns this week along with your recaps? My heart is full.

    Sefe (P.S. I’m female, Rod! I think you were confused last time I wrote in lol)

  5. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Bassey!!!

    I’ve been meaning to write in every episode but this is the first time I actually made it on time. First of all, I’ve loved your recaps and predictions. I’m also amused by the crazy theories posed by the TBGWT family, I too have almost choked laughing.

    This episode… Man! I experienced so much second hand embarrassment! At points, I was actually watching while peeking through my hands. It’s been awhile since I’ve dated so it’s been awhile since I’ve been ghosted – I’m SOOOO glad social media wasn’t a thing the last time I was ghosted. The most I could do was hope he called. I’m too scary to go driving by someone’s house or anything like that, but I have gone through the head trips Issa did and I watched all that with a knot in my stomach.

    Anyway, I’m glad Chad is back. I only want Lawrence to be back if he’s with Issa, this friends shit is for the birds…


    Oh yeah – we got This Is Us…

    Love y’all!!!

  6. fyahworks

    Hey R&B

    The title “obsessed like” sure fit this episode! Issa went off the deep end about Nathan. Did u guys peep the kevin Durant meme Easter egg! I was dead! I think Issa need a real job, she got too much time on her hands right now! I also liked the dynamic between molly squared and the Asian guy. Chad is the best!! So happy he is back!! Now for my questions…

    1) do you think Lawrence std scare, make him go to church?

    2) do you think Nathan ran off because he has commitment issues?

    One love


  7. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I love your Insecure recaps. I think you two have really great insights- I never would have picked up on the meme thing otherwise!

    With that said, Tiffany isn’t stupid, I believe she is aware enough to realize the dynamic of the friend group, and she HAD to know that Kelli was going to feel some type of way to find out that one- the Crazy Crew knows about the Kelli and crew, but she knew nothing about them, and two- that Tiffany lied by omission saying that she had it in hand without mentioning this Crazy Crew was going to take everything over. Also I speak fluent Bougie Bitch, and that “are these the backup cupcakes?” was a flex. It was subtle, but it was like “oh, you guys are the backups- we’re her REAL friends.” Frankly, calling them “backup cupcakes” was a dig and a deliberate breach of etiquette, and Tiffany could have smoothed that over by simply insisting they be on the table with the rest of dessert. I don’t think Kelli was wrong for leaving- she would have been absolutely miserable staying, and who wants to process “she’s MY best friend, but I’m not really HERS” in front of other people, especially in front of the people who seem to be her replacements? You guys said she should have stayed and sucked it up- but you do that for your BEST friend, not somebody who thinks of you as just another friend.

    But I do think there is a real conversation to be had with Kelli about the way she shows up in the world too- getting tased, fighting people high on molly, getting fingered at a diner under the table? But you HAVE that conversation, you don’t leave her hanging to find out you think she’s the ratchet bitch that can’t be trusted. And then to be feign surprise that she left the party? Tiffany is not dumb.

    But as far as this week- Molly shot herself in the ass with a perfectly nice dude- AGAIN- because she refuses to accept that what she needs is not always going to come in the package she wants, and she doesn’t even think ahead. Even if Dro had left Candace, she wouldn’t have been cool with being in an open relationship, so what was the point? I did like Andrew calling her out on her shit- I feel like we’ll see him again. (I HOPE, because #HeFine.) I’m very interested to see what her work life will be like now that she’s alienated everybody in the office trying to be a star.

    Issa was a prime example of why when dudes are like “women are craaaaaazy” women get mad. She was living her BLACK ASS LIFE and he hopped into HER weekend with her friends, her bed, her texts, and her emotions. Doing all that then disappearing? Fuck Nanceford. I been said he had warrants and the ghosting didn’t change my mind. I think Nathan is going to show up at the Block Party, but she’s going to be looking for Lawrence and Lawrence is going to bring #ChurchBae and that’s how the season will end.

    Anyhow, you guys are great, so keep going!

    Sending love and trap beats,

    Jaeda Laurez

  8. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    Whew chile, the stalker! Issa is out here getting internet-age depressed. I love how the show is dealing with the blessing/curse that is social media. So many people are ill-equipped to deal with the access that social media offers.

    Also, I love any show that makes me go back to rewatch what happened in previous episodes. Issa was out here telling people that Nathan was her man, but we never saw her and Nathan have a discussion about what their relationship status was. Maybe when he was asking her “how do you know it’s real,” maybe he was already at the realization that Issa was not the girl for him. Maybe he was only sticking around so Andrew could date Molly. Either way, it’s fuck Nathan forever.

    I also love how the show is dealing with how people deal with the unraveling of relationships – be they sexual, friendships, or work relationships. Issa, Molly, Kelli, and Tiffany spend so much time trying to act unbothered by shit, that nobody is really having adult conversations on how to deal with the changes. Hopefully they will do some soul-searching because they are too grown to be acting so ridiculously (even though it does make excellent TV).



  9. SaloAbraxas

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    Next season I’m going to bank these episodes and save them so I don’t get spoiled by your predictions. 🙂

    My trouble making predictions is that my mind goes to the worst possible places.

    Like do we know Lawrence contracted chlamydia from one of the montage flings? Could he have got it from Issa by way of Daniel? Is this what’s going to blow things up when Issa and Lawrence get too close again? Did Nathan get tested? Is this why he’s ghosting?

    Oh well. Hopefully I’m just overly pessimistic and paranoid.

    All my best to the two of you!

  10. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Triggered -that’s all I can say is triggered ,wow the writing on these past 3 or 4 episodes has been amazing .This episode was so relatable and rough at the same time!

    Bassey I just have to let you know that you are not alone on your thoughts that you tweeted after this episode. Ghosting is so disrespectful and just plain hateful too ! Totally understand Issa’s actions in this episode -as off as they may have been. There are so many ridiculous and pointless unspoken rules that friends put in other friends ears when you start a new relationship and start to connect with that person:

    “Don’t show that you are too interested in the person or you will scare them off.”

    “Don’t tell a person you actually like them”

    “Don’t do this -Don’t do that !”

    That shit is exhausting!

    To quote Will Smith in Hitch ,” That’s why falling in love is so damn hard!” …lol

    But anyways Chad finding the lord was hilarious!

    Also for those wanting to watch more of Natasha Rothwell in something else check out her episode on this Netflix show called ,” Netflix presents The Characters “ and Natasha’s episode is episode #5 . The episode is only 33 minutes but she plays a bunch of different characters and they are all hilarious!

    Peace and love Rod and Bassey,


  11. rodimusprime

    Great work as usual. I love how clairvoyant you guys are with the plots for Insecure. I feel like you guys could set up a paysite for predictions.

    I really enjoyed the Baller’s aside. When you guys go off topic it’s priceless. I watch that show every week every season for the music. I have a rule of thumb if I like the song they close a show with then I will most likely enjoy the whole season. Example the 1st episode of Entourage plays Lucifer by Jay-z at the end.

    Thank you as always for the entertainment

    Anthony Animal Thug Tatum.

  12. Preston

    Excellent episode. They are hitting on all cylinders . Great to see Lawremce back and dealing with the consequences of his horiness. The single vs. married dynamic was done well. Bassie is a little too hard on Kellie and of course on Dro.
    Thanks for the excellent recaps. Thanks for the introduction to This Is Us.
    Rod and Karen, thanks for an excellent live show!
    Preston #teamdro

  13. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    First time, long time!

    I love your recap shows and look forward to the new season of This Is Us with you guys.

    Also wanted to say I love the pace of your recap shows. Some recap shows meander through the actual recap and miss random details. Sometimes it’s hard to hear dialogue in the show and I miss certain jokes, so I appreciate the detail you put in your recaps.

    My reason for writing is regarding the “what’s the deal with Nathan” issue. Here’s my random idea- is he Prison Bae? Bassey has pointed out the underlying theme of memes this season. And dude looks like Prison Bae to me. With his handsome looks, penchant for violence, questionable employment and living status, maybe he’s a scammer? I think he means well but he’s impulsive and often ends up in frantic situations where he has to make a quick exit (hurricane, lyft fight, pool breaking and entering).

    Random… but you never know!

    Again, love your recap shows. Thanks for doing what you do.


  14. fyahworks

    Hey guys, another great ep, another great recap! A few bones to pick though. I was disgusted with dro and his attitude towards molly! He is literally a BIG baby!, when he don’t get his way! Secondly I’m still not convinced that candace knows about molly and dro. I don’t think candace would be all cordial with molly like that! I guess now that molly found out she is pregnant does that mean we won’t be seeing dro for the remainder of you season?

    Lastly bassey had mentioned about a tie in with Lawrence and Nathan, now that Nathan is “on the run” do you still feel that way? Will we see Nathan again?


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