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PG 164: Gotta Call Em Like Museum

Rod and Justin discuss introversion anxiety, YMCA basketball,  bad dreams, Justin playing too much at work, Snowfall, LHHH, Nappily Ever After museum-gate and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and JTrill,

    I just wanted to write in and say it was great meeting you guys and the chatroom folks at the live show. I’m terrible at taking pictures but I got that Negrocon poster hummie. The live show was fun as hell and yall made it look easy.

    Speaking of easy, Justin how do you think Heavenly’s therapy is going? Do you think Mariah has receipts of Dr. Damon cheating? You see Cecil out here on some old-man-season-1-Lawrence-shit? Would you let Dr. Eugene give you financial advice? These people are wild and they all have medical degrees.

    Speaking of wild, what’s been going on at your office Justin? Anybody said anything froggy over this Kauvanaugh stuff?

    Peace yall have a great weekend,


  2. O4Soldier

    Wassup Rod and Justin.

    Rod on the This too Much podcast you mentioned you were listening to the Atlanta monster podcast.

    It was a great listen and I binged the whole thing and wanted to know your input on Wayne Williams guilt or innocence.

    My opinion is that Wayne is as guilty as is OJ Simpson.

    He kept thinking he was smarter than all of Atlanta PD and the FBI.

    When the media leaked that fibers were found on the corpses, he started dumping nude bodies. And then switched it up to young adults to throw off the investigation.

    Any thoughts??

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey fellas,

    Rod, I know you have ttm (insecure) and being that you have done the last reviews already and you do talk to Justin about it on pregame, I’ll make a point here. The scene in episode 7 when molly got mad at Andrew, when he make the joke about her “married friend” bothered me a tad. I felt like if molly wasn’t over it, why even talk about it to a stranger? I mean she got Issa if she really wanted to vent. Over this whole season, I felt molly has been in neutral in the insecure lane, where as Issa has progressed some, though she has a ways to go. Also in the finale, Nathan stumbled over his words when trying to explain to Issa about his absence. We don’t believe you! Also I was looking for closure on the lyft situation or are we gonna pretend that didn’t happen?

    Have you or Justin got a chance to check out the purge tv series on USA? It’s about 4 episodes in and I’m not sure how to feel yet but it’s been ok!!!

    Also I Love the ymca stories, I was always curious, how do you guys play? Timed?? 21 or to a number??? How often does an average game last????

    Always a pleasure to hear stories and laugh along with you guys!


    • fyahworks

      Just listened to the insecure obsessed recap!
      When I said Kevin Durant Easter egg, I was talking about his ghost account and him talking shit about okc!
      I compared that to Issa hitting up Nathan but forgetting to switch accounts!!

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