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TTM 45: Nine Bucks, A Philadelphia Story, Katie Girls

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. thatTish

    Hey Bassey & Rod

    -I hope that I never in my life have to ask somebody to pass me my own foo

    – Jack’s family doctor sounds like the triplets’ doctor. Was that supposed to be his dad or am I just looking for extra connections?

    – Poor Nicky. Everybody kept being so sure that he was gonna be lucky. How sure are we that he’s actually dead and that his spirit didn’t just die? Can dude have just changed his name and never gone back to America? Ever since the first scene, I’ve been worried that he had also covered himself in gasoline and was about to set himself on fire. I’m stressed.

    – Seeing all those babies born in that one hospital alone on the 18th brought me low. This country is trash.

    • thatTish

      Also, this episode showed me even more that we random shit in the show comes from somewhere else. Didn’t Kevin play with that Superman toy and plane as a kid? I’ma be looking at lamps and teacups and shit like “…was that in William’s mama’s house?”

  2. Evie E

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Kate continues to come to be a disappointment. You say teenage Kate is evil, but that’s just teenage girls for you. I was just as bad as a teenager. Honestly, there’s only one person on this show that even worse that she is and that’s not Miguel. Yes, I’m talking about Jack’s dad. Jacks dad is hot garbage. He’s a tall drink of hot dog water. How Jack ended up as great as he was is a mystery to me. It seems like Jack’s grandfather was trash too. Jack seems to come from a long line of trash.

    That all being said, this past episode was emmy worthy. If Milo doesn’t get an Emmy this year, we riot. When they called Nicky’s number in the draft, I felt like I got drafted. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this episode as much as I did without any Big Three appearances but I really did.

    And Kevin’s ex’s name is Sophie. You know what, I’ll put Kate at number 3 of people I hate. Sophie’s number one, then Jack’s Dad, then Kate and then Miguel.

    I said what I said.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod!

    Jack’s Vietnam episode only confirms that this show it trying to sneak superheros into a prime time drama and I’m here for it.

    Fucking Jack Pearson, man. I haven’t gotten my brothers to come up out the deep south to visit me yet. Jack hid a disqualifying condition, excelled up the ranks as fast as he could, won a poker game, set his team up with treats to motivate them, impress his sergeant for a favor, to travel by helicopter over the jungle just to see about his little brother. Nick must have been on constant Article 15 though. That seems like at least several months in between the letter and the visit.

    The shoot out scene- Squirrel gone, mane! Townie simple self just couldn’t follow directions. Then had the nerve to take it out on the little village kid. Of course Jack is a war hero. Of course. He probably got all the medals that he never brags about too. And Kevin talking about he doesn’t think his Dad saw combat. Jack was a front line foot soldier. And he manged to keep all of that in for decades. Do you know hard that is?

    Poor Robinson lost his chance to play baseball and I’m sick about it. My nigga didn’t deserve that. He got me when he talked about breathing. “It’s a funny thing that we forget sometimes. We so scared that we gon die, we forget to do the thing that keeps us alive” All of the tears. Jack passed that face hold and breathe technique to Randall and Randall used it on William. See how the ancestors be watching out for us? I can’t wait to see the older version of Robinson talk to Kevin.

    Jack’s dad and his granddaddy are both trash, but it seems like the dad turned trash in his adulthood. I wonder if they’re going to explore that. It seemed like the dad wanted to please the granddad so much that he was pressuring Jack’s mam to try to have Nick on his dad’s birthday. He was never going to be enough for his own dad and he desperately wanted that. Jack’s mama took the brunt of all of that though. His daddy had her out her trying to hold in a whole baby and walking around with black eyes and bruises that the whole neighborhood ignored. Ugh.

    Jack and Nick together was adorable and too much. Jack been looking out for Nick since he was born. I’m so glad he took Nick away from the house to watch that Hunger Games ass draft lottery. I couldn’t take them getting the news with there dad in the room. I like that the doctor’s exam showed that Nick took care of Jack in some ways too. Jack didn’t see him as a weak link because he really wasn’t. His strength just wasn’t validated by his father- which he also desperately wanted. Me? I would have been learning the Canadian national anthem and stocking up on maple syrup. I know why he left, but I wish he hadn’t. I get the feeling that Nick wasn’t killed in combat. He knew it was a BS.

    About the music- I watched the episode twice because I was sure they were using the instrumental for “I Can’t Write Left-Handed” by Bill Withers, but I didn’t hear it. Maybe it was just used in the promos… or I could have completely made that up. Either way, the song would have fit perfectly and I would have been a puddle of tears for the rest of the episode had they played it.

    That’s all I got. Great show as always. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  4. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Bassey the Based God?

    I was talking about This is Us with one of my woke homegirls and she isn’t the biggest fan of Jack. She made an interesting observation that I hadn’t considered. She pointed out that the Black Pearsons had been dominating a lot of screen time and now we get Jack being the ultimate white man hero to keep the larger viewing audience engaged. The white nigga legit VOLUNTEERED for Vietnam! Who the hell does that? So now I’m over Jack Pearson too.

    He’s basically the greatest alcoholic to ever live.


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    #TeamJack all the way! Thank god Jack turned out the way he did! Him ,his brother and his mother didn’t have a chance with that muthafucka as their father and husband – man fuck him!

    Peace and love always …lol


  6. Sefe

    The Vietnam episode was a snoozefest for me to be honest with you. Given people’s reactions on Twitter, I know I’m in the minority with this opinion but I was barely able to pay 0% attention to the screen because I was so uninterested. Granted, because I paid so little attention, maybe I missed what was good about the episode. But as much as I like Jack, I really can’t fathom siting back down on the couch to try to watch it again. So I’ma just take this L.

  7. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Bassie,

    I hope sometime in your TV watching lives that you have a TV show that reps your town like This is Us reps Pittsburgh. I grew up in a suburb Pittsburgh and one year older than the Peterson kids. The way the show references the the town in the 1980/90’s makes it seem tailored to me, especially when they reference the Steelers. When Franco Harris appeared in the first episode of this current season I actually cheered like it was a game. Heck, the very first episode of the show when they revealed it was located in Pittsburgh my family went crazy. It hurts my head when you guys don’t get some of the small things during the recaps, but it is OK. I will still listen to the recaps.

    Thomas W. aka TJ from Pittsburgh

  8. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    All I can say is, “I love Jack so much.”

  9. Jaris Cole

    Dear Bassey and Rod,

    I just caught up on This Is US this past weekend so still 2 episodes behind on the show.

    As usual, stellar job. Great insights excepts Rod’s blasphemy toward candy apples. Who hurt you during your childhood, Rod? Ok, ok…MAYBE you’re right. What about caramel apples though?

    About the “Immaculate Reception” part, I thought they tied it in with that voiceover that played when Jack saw Rebecca kissing the shop class dude on the porch. The voice mentioned something like “sometimes things have to bounce off the wrong thing before it lands where it’s supposed to.” I’m pretty sure I misquoted that but I think I got the gist. But, I also found it strange for them to it as much since the show tends to include things for deeper purposes.

    That part with the 3 Kates got me and prob for the first time I felt bad for Kate.

    Great show and I can’t wait to catch up with the previous 2!

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