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1770: Closet Babies

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Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Justin of the Medium Popcorn Podcast to discuss their live show, movies of 2018, Sears closes, woman stabs friend in haunted house, Elizabeth Warren gets DNA test, Khashoggi death, Young Black Conservative Leadership conference, AirBnB nightmare host, woman fired for blocking black man from getting into loft, man run over by lawn mower, sadistic daycare worker, GA woman sell weed at church and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I love it when the Medium Popcorn guys are on. Justin and Brandon are hilarious and I started listening to them a while back thanks to TBGWT. You guys always have the best guests but I love it when you have comedians because I laugh and laugh. Very entertaining episode.

  2. Dia Kuykendall

    Supa Moda…my autocorrect.

  3. Dia Kuykendall

    Great episode…on 2018 movies,

    Karen, I am glad you mentioned Mary Poppins. I am looking forward to taking my niece to see that and Nutcracker.

    Over the past 15 years, I have really gotten into foreign films as well. If you like beautiful black people and superheros, have I a movie for you. It is from Kenya so it is in English, it is called Super Modo and it made me laugh, cry and cheer.

    It is about a terminally ill girl who wants to be a superhero and how her village rallys together to make that dream come true. Just the trailer will make you smile. Again, Super Modo.

  4. Michelle

    I agree, Elizabeth Warren should have just left it alone. Her claim to native American ancestry was an easy target for people like Trump. Race in America is assigned by social norms and physical perception. According to both, Warren is white. This is also the same reason why Barak Obama is considered black despite his mother’s race. And Michelle Obama is also considered black despite her small percentage of white DNA.

  5. chubbzero

    Hey rod and Karen. I really enjoyed this episode with the medium popcorn guys. I was just surprised to hear no one was excited for the Robert Rodriguez and james Cameron film “alita -battle angel”. The trailer looks pretty dope! It’s got mahershala Ali and Christoph waltz in it so you know the acting is gonna be on point.

  6. think_p_smart

    Ugh this Black republican thing coincides with Howard’s Homecoming. Those lying republicans will probably say the uptick in Blacks in and around the city.

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