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1774: Hotels Vs Motels

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, LGBTQ news, a different way of dealing with a bully, Steve Harvey divorce rumors, CA felons can vote in jail, women waiting longer to have kids, Amy Schumer supports, Chelsea Handler says vote like black women, a political ad for French Hill, how to murder your husband author accused of murdering her husband, woman stabs man for declining sex, thief steals beer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. FalconsDiva


    I have hollered in my office multiple times. First Karen with the hard ‘er’

    Then – the way y’all went in on that political ad!!!!! Whew! I’m going to fuck around and lose this good paying job listening to y’all while I’m at work. Please know that I took note of the time stamp so I can listen again when I get in the car. Every time I think you’re done, you start right back up again!

  2. Mrs.Jackson

    Miz Karen I damn near snapped my neck when you said “fuck that nigger”, you need a hot bath cuz I felt that in my muscles so I know yours are all twisted up and tight. I love you guys. I’m not sure if you guys have talked about this before, but I’d love to hear a (sex segment) from the two of you. I know rod watches porn. I’m not sure if Karen feels comfortable talking about sex like that but I’d love to hear what you both have to say about sex/making love/fuckin/knockin boots….

  3. Paula Howley

    Jesus fucking Christ. Wow. I am crying laughing and might also be peeing my pants at the same time. Rod, you and Karen going to town on the two actors in the Republican ad was the funniest thing I’ve heard since you played Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” after that KKK guy died.
    Fucking DYING laughing here. You guys are killing it. Karen, you were in rare form. Fucking beautiful.

    Also, I Totally appreciate LGBTQ news ending on an up note. I have a young daughter who is gay and it’s good to tell her some good news once in a while.

    I have to say too- Rod, when you asked Karen what score she was going to give Chelsea Handler and she paused for so long, it was really poignant. I could hear the reservation in Karen’s voice at that moment. It touched me deeply. Made me so embarrassed and sad that white women have been such a colossal fucking disappointment to black women for so long. And when she said ‘It’s only when things affect you too do you finally give a shit.’ Truth.

    Still one of my favourite podcasts. I’m so fucking pleased that you guys are taking off the way you are. I expect you to explode on to the national scene any day now. You are so fucking dope.
    Your biggest Canadian white chick fan,

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