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TTM 47: Toby

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    DEJA CAME WITH IT!!! Y’all know Deja is my girl, so I was glad she came through for Beth. I could tell by the look on her face when Tess popped off at the mouth, that she was going to say something but I thought Deja was going to have a word with the girls. But I agree with y’all, I still need to see what type of punishment she got for taking that bat to Randall’s Benz – the one that he paid for with CASH!!!

    I haven’t liked Randall since the Vegas episode. And him offering Beth a job on his campaign didn’t make it any better. Why doesn’t he just let this campaign thing go?!?!!? UGH!!!

    I’m a fierce defender of Beth because I see so much of myself in her. So when y’all called her mean I took that shit to heart. Then again I have to admit that sometimes I do come off as mean, but I also understand why she didn’t want Kevin and Zoe together. She’s seen both of them mess up royally and probably felt that when that relationship falls apart, she’d have to deal with the fallout. And you have to admit that Zoe has shown signs that she could break Kevin’s heart. From moving away when Kevin put his arm around her (right after Beth talked to them), to not going to his premiere, to originally declining to attend the interview with that lady but then going because that was her idol. With that said, I do hope Zoe and Kevin work because they are good together.

    I have to agree with Bassey on Chrissy Metz and her acting. Her dialogue with Toby was what we’ve all been waiting for, but it came off as meh for me. I don’t believe you Kate!!!

    Anyway, I live for This Too Much. I hope I’m able to join live this week.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey it’s CT

    Old shit:
    I know the Toby breakdown is two weeks old, but it still hit me in the chest. And when the black soldier told Jack to “breathe”, I felt that. Jack looked like he wanted to break, but he knew he couldn’t. Sometimes i feel like if I breathe, tears won’t stop flowing. But I have to breathe through it. If not, I won’t get through that difficult moment. The show didn’t make me cry right then, but I definitely cried after because of how relatable it was to my own life and struggles to breathe.

    New Shit:
    I swear to God, you two are in the writing room!!!!!! How did they get the baby versions of the Pearson’s AND a black church for the campaign??!! My god, y’all are magicians, or secretly writing for the damn show.

    Randall couldn’t win off the black vote, so he wants to win off of the back of his brother? To fix my one building? I feel like he’s really trying to lose every black viewer that watches ‘This Is Us’zAnd, he’s definitely culturally appropriated the Asian culture for votes. I know I’m supposed to feel like he’s going to do right by the Asian community, but he BETTER NOT fuck it up. I’m not sure how I feel about Beth helping out with the campaign. I’m sure it’ll all work out, but I want her to keep her own identity. Maybe she’ll end up getting a paid job out of this work with her husband (shrug emoji).

    You know, that part about Deja saying she believes Randall when he says she’s exceptional almost brought tears to my eyes. It’s one thing to hear someone say nice things about you, but for you to FEEL their genuine emotion, that’s a whole different story. Deja won me over in that short conversation. She’s seen her mom hurt so much from losing job after job, she knows what it is when someone is faking the funk. If that little girl don’t know NOTHIN else, it’s when someone is lying. And she saw right through Beth, and I appreciated her not saying anything mean, but just saying it’s okay for you to be sad. Out of the mouth of babes.

    Speaking of exceptional, Toby is the best. I believed him when he said “you’re phenomenal” to Kate, and I believed him when he said he just didn’t feel like it. Even though he went through the motions, he just didn’t feel like getting up and getting dressed. But I’m proud of how Kate handled Toby for the walk. She was firm, but didn’t push too hard. I feel like she kind of fumbled through the episode with him a bit, but I guess anyone would when they are trying to figure out how to deal with a depressive episode from their partner, and by episode, I’m just saying because he got off his meds and it’s the down swing before his levels are normal. Don’t @ me. Anyway, I hope Kate finds her strength.

    Thank you guys, you’re the best recap show PERIOD!


  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod And Bassey

    Have to say I was thoroughly surprised by Kate and Deja in this episode. I knew Deja was going to come around after that scene with her real father and it was a great turning point for her character realizing it was time to move forward with the Pearsons. Loved what she said to Beth but I’m not sure if that’s going to be enough to help Beth get through that.

    Now on Kate, it was great to see her be more concerned with someone other than herself for once. (and shoutout to Kate reading the fuck outta her own damn self…lol ) I’m hoping on everything Toby is able to find the right dosage for his meds so he can get better with time. And yayyy Kate wasn’t a dick to Rebecca and finally listened to her damn mother for once – and look what happened …things worked out for her goofy ass..lol.

    Randall- too easy ..lol, we already know what his issues are ,I’m just going to send a shoutout to the young actors that play the younger versions of Randall – they are awesome in every single way. Beth you deserve better attention than what you are getting love. And wow Rod and Bassey y’all called Randall having Beth working on his campaign -I just smdh when he asked.

    Kevin and Zoe ‘s storyline sadly just seemed like filler but of course the Kevin and Randall scenes were great. Although I felt some type way about Randall pursuing those Korean voters after he couldn’t pursue his own folk. I keep hoping with each episode Randall realizes what’s truly important -love of family over trying to be the hero of every fucking thing..lol.

    Anyways thanks again Rod and Bassey ,


  4. Sefe

    Hey y’all! Let’s get right into it…

    Beth needs some serious attention so what do we do? Focus on Randall! Hooray! Like bruh. I’m truly disappointed in that nonsense. And hello? I came for Tess but got Teen Kate instead. From where to where was that lil attitude? And I didn’t hear not a whisper of apology coming from her mouth. Not a one. She was talking to her mom like one of her lil white friends. Lowkey goes to show Randall ain’t black black. Raising his kids to just talk to their mom any which way. And don’t think I haven’t peeped how he puts on this southern-sounding accent when he talks to black folks. Again, from where to where? You’re in Jersey. The Korean thing was…. wow. On one hand, that really is how politicians strategize. So I shouldn’t really be mad but I am because I feel like blaming Randall for everything these days. Just irking my spirit. Like Randall, why would you then turn around and TELL your opponent what your plans and strategy are? Just slow. Little Randall is EVERYTHING and I love him and Jack together so much. But big Randall can get tf on. I hate where they’ve taken the character.

    And imagine this…. I didn’t hate Kate this episode. I’m forreal forreal shocked. I mean I wouldn’t go so far as to say as I LIKED the girl… let’s not get carried away… but I definitely didn’t hate her. I did, on the other hand, turn a huge corner on Deja. She was the most sane person this entire episode and I loved her for it. She also looked particularly pretty in that scene with Beth. Last thing… this Vietnam reveal better be good cause I already didn’t like the war episode and here we are dragging that storyline to Timbuktu.

    I’ve been really down on the happenings of this season so far so I think I’ll refrain from writing in until I have something nice to say again.

    Y’all are most definitely still the best though and thank you as always!


  5. rodimusprime

    Hola Bassey and Rodimus,

    Deja and Kevin were dropping bars on Beth and Randall.

    Can we get a Randall and Kevin spin off? They are so cute together.

    Jack and young Randall scenes are always so good.

    I wish the actors that play Zoe and Kevin were a real life couple.

    ummm… are you really strong Kate? hmm we shall see.

    So looking forward to the next episode of Jack and Rebeca on their road trip.

    Thanks again for the recaps.

    P.S. You guys had mentioned a crime podcast in a prior episode. If you guys haven’t , check out Dirty John it happened in Orange County here in Cali. The story is incredible . Not sure if Bassey watches The Walking Dead but that show plays a significant roll in the story.


  6. rodimusprime

    I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I DON’T like it. This black Pearson’s story line is irking my soul!!! I like Jae-woo, the character & actor, & I think he’ll help the campaign a lot…but, it’s still hella shady that Randall back doored the people/community that he supposedly loves so much.

    I absolutely HATE how the writers resolved Beth’s sadness. It really made no sense… which added fuel to my theory that Beth either suffers a mental breakdown, or, she ultimately leaves Randall, because it’s always all about him… either path ends with Randall & Tess’s visit. I may slightly hate this show, & permanently hate Randall, if this campaign ends with a nice, big happy ending

  7. rodimusprime

    I’m sure you got a bunch of emails about the steps of IVF
    And yup those steps are accurate they harvest the eggs ( Kate had 8) then they fertilize then and genetic test the fuck out of them leaving only the best eggs leaving them with the 3, and depending on the doctor they would put them all in to see if the implanted OR put them in one at a time to see if one stuck… there’s like a week to 10 days between each time and the doctors are in constant contact.
    My friend and her wife went thru this process so I learned the whole process.
    Also, they should already know the gender of the implanted embryo as well. Hope it’s a boy cause Kate will have hell to pay!

    Hope this was informative

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