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SMR 209: Overlord

Rod and Karen review the horror / scify / war movie “Overlord.” We also discuss new trailers and your comments. Thanks for listening!



    At first, Overlord felt & looked like a Cloverfield movie. The ominous lighting, the unknown threat, etc. I do like those movies, regardless of the criticism. I will say it reminds me of an updated Wolfenstein & the older Medal of Honor games on the PlayStation, as far as pacing goes. While it’s slow, at first, it finds its frenetic pace in the 2nd half & it’s well-worth the wait. It doesn’t spend time holding your hand, which keeps the movie going. Jovan Adepo is really good here & I liked the way they wrote this brother. Black people don’t get a chance to be center stage in these movies, due to white folks discomfort with history. He wasn’t macho or tough, but he didn’t need to be. Adding the fact he was scared, but determined was a good touch. Bad Robot & JJ Abrams seems to be making do with their diversity initiatives. Wyatt Russell was good in his role & big shoutout to Fitz from Agents of Shield being in this movie. The bad guy was a beast; really liked him being a brute near the end of the film. The whole movie is just fun from start to finish. I just wish Bokeem Woodbine didn’t die early.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    As a single person, I frequently go to movies by myself. I also happen to live in a mostly white area. You may be asking yourself, why is this starting a comment? Well, because I am a black woman and when I walked into my theater, it was filled with mostly white men (I guess it is the subject matter) and I had to tell myself repeatedly that I’m here to see the movie, ignore everything else. I ignored everyone and had a fantastic time.

    When I saw Bokeem, I was ready, as I thought, “I didn’t know Bokeem was in this.” Then he got killed five minutes in, and I knew why his role wasn’t advertised. I also saw a white guy who I knew I recognized from something and it kept driving me crazy when he was on the screen. Naturally, right before he died, I screamed, “FITZ” in my head. Overlord was really good and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if there was more than a grain of truth in this story because the Nazis are infamous for experimenting on people. I liked how the racial and gender tropes got turned on their heads in a way that showed other filmmakers how you can incorporate woman and non-white characters into their period piece movies. I hope this film does well because it is surprisingly good.

  3. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I enjoyed this movie and agree with both of your comments. I prefer the Scify thriller movies over the supernatural ones. I definitely liked that Boyce was the main character and we saw everything from his perspective (and I was happy he lived in the end). Being that the movie was set in 1949 I kept waiting for some racial issues to come with Boyce and his fellow soldiers (and also the Nazi’s) but was glad they choose not to go there. This movie reminded me of DOOM a little bit. Peace.

    • Selester63

      “DOOM” the 2005 movie starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

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