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1791: Those Negroes

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ, Bey takes over Ivy Park, Pharrell says to support Kanye, Michael B Jordan on dating, 2 Milly’s dance used in Fortnite, Nina Richards, black women not promoted at work, man stalks a woman for 50 years, man stalks women to look at their butts, woman chokes bouncer out and sword ratchetness.

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  1. MissMonica

    Hi Rod and Karen!

    I am definitely one of the many black women feeling underappreciated at the workplace. I have become such a leader on my team that a couple of months ago I was moved to my supervisor’s old desk when she moved to a private office.

    I am literally in the supervisor’s seat, and it’s left up to me to oversee and facilitate much of the work each day. There has been no change in my title and no pay increase.

    I will be speaking up for myself and asking for the compensation and title I deserve. I feel very awkward about it, but this is just how it is. Love y’all! You help keep me sane

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Pharrell’s comments do not surprise me. I don’t know if you remember, but Pharrell is the man who proudly identified himself as being a “new black.” You know, the kind of black who works to achieve and doesn’t look from support from or to blame white people for the ills of this world. So Kanye and his ish is right up Pharrell’s alley.

  3. Phil

    Hey Rod & Karen, why is Kanye the hill that so many people are rushing too. Its seems that no one else has been given this much love and support for showing that they don’t care about others. No one else has gotten the benefit of “we need to wrap our arms around our family in these tough times” as Kanye has. The black women not getting promoted thing is angering but not too surprising either, my lady told me she didn’t know if she should as for a promotion again this year at her yearly review because it still hasn’t happened after asking for so long. I told her get your coins and keep asking because one day you will either get it or you will have been able to start your own business and not have to worry about asking another person for a thing. On the Fortnite dance payments, 2milly aint the first or only person that has brought this issue up. Blocboy JB was asked about his “shoot” dance being sold on there and not getting paid and a youtuber named Marlon Webb has been asking about his dance being in the game for more than a year with out crediting him for it and calling it the “best mates” emote. I play fortnite but I will never pay for any of the dances, also knowing how they don’t credit anyone especially black creators for what they have stole from them lets me know I made the right choice as to not buy stolen goods. As someone has said before they love our culture, but they will be damned if they pay a dime to profit from it. Now let me go grab my binoculars and fire up my instagram for some butt browsing with a snack of hot apple pies.


  4. Clarence Crawford and some more

    Pharell really on this faux love thy brother shit.
    If your loved ones wont bust your ass when necessary then who tf will?
    Also it’s important to remember that it was Kanye’s coon ass that left the table. No one kicked him out. It was him that ran to the yt man and started dancing. The only said part, on Kanyes behalf, is that he didn’t or doesn’t have someone that loves him enough to smack some sense into his lost black ass.

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