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SMR 210: Widows

Rod and Karen discuss Steve McQueen’s newest movie “Widows.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback for “Overlord.”




    Gonna have to add this to my movies that get better with time, after viewing them for the first time lists in 2018. Widows is a compelling movie from start to finish, because each character, scene & its themes have layers to them. Steve McQueen is pretty good at that type of stuff, which is why I like his work. He’s self-aware & Widows showcases that, throughout. Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo, Liz Debecki & Michelle Rodriguez do a great job & each person has a story that pulls us in. As much as I want to say Viola does it again, which she’s great here, Daniel Kaluuya is sooooo good in this movie. It’s crazy how he goes from 1 to 10 in the majority of his scenes. He’s either terrifying, funny, or just plain evil. If he does a version of a character like this, say, in a comedy, oh man, he’d kill it. Also, good to see Liam Nesson actually, ya know, act, unlike his prior roles playing a modern-day Charles Bronson in them Taken-like roles. Robert Duvall was pure racist & seeing his performance juxtaposed with Colin Farrell as the white liberal running for officewas good stuff, as well. I really enjoyed this one.


      Also, big shout out to Brian Tyree Henry. He brought it strong, as well.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I loved Widows. My first in movie moment when I knew the film was going to live up to my expectations was that scene with Daniel Kaluuya and thevrappers. The camera angle that McQueen gave us was literally worth the price of admission. The way it moves from Kaluuya as intimidator to him starting to vibe to the beat making the walking dead men feel at ease was fantastic.

    I also loved the way McQueen captured the subtle everyday racism and anti-blackness that we deal with and others have the luxury of pretending is not there. You and Karen talked about the big moments, but it was the little moments that haunt me. Like Alice’s moment of standing up for herself. When she smacked Veronica, telling her, “Ikm not going to take this From You…from anybody.” The inescapable spector of Alice really meaning she wouldn’t take abuse from that black woman and then having to clean it up. The scene when the Asian woman who was Robert Duvall’s nurse scooting as far over as she could and looking Veronica up and down with disgust. The rooted in an uncomfortable truth that Veronica spoke to her husband that in some level he resented and hated her blackness because he knows the only reason their son was killed was because of the color of his skin; which Nelson confirms during their final confrontation when he tells her that he couldn’t save their son and he couldn’t save their relationship.

    So good on so many levels.

  3. fyahworks

    Saw this on my feed as I got out the theater and I was so happy

    Hey my favorite podcasting duo.

    I really enjoyed this movie.

    What did you guys think of the camera work when those poor rapping guys got blasted in the gym?
    Daniel has to be my favorite in this movie.
    Rod, I too watch how to get away with shmurder, and I love me some viola, but I just felt Annalise keating vibes in this movie from her character. Never the less I give it 5 as well!

    Have a great day guys!

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