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1803: PETA Too Woke

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Rod and Karen discuss some movies Rod watched, LGBTQ news, Will.I.Am hating on hip hop, Kevin Hart hosting Oscars, ground beef recall, PETA, actors in bad movies, taking out the trash, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Every time Peta makes a ridiculous ad like this, I always eat some meat. This time I ate an egg salad sandwich. Who’s gonna check me boo?

  2. kccolon10

    I don’t ever care about what PETA says or does. I’m not really sure what they have done for animals, but that’s none of my business. What I DO know is the PETA story you mentioned is ridiculous. I also saw that the are trying to teach people to not use anti-animal language?? PETA is going fourteen steps too far. I understand that some people don’t want to eat animals. I also understand some people would not want to use animal products as a product just for fashion or entertainment would be a turn off. But ANIMAL LANGUAGE?? Me using a phrase is going to OFFEND animals?? GTFOH and SAT DOWN. They’re doing a lot, and I feel like they need a strong nap.

    Link is below if you want to check it out

  3. bamil73

    More hard boiled nonsense from PETA.

  4. JM3K

    You know how white feminists always need to be told that true feminism is intersectional? I guarantee that egg ad was written by a white Jill Steiner who got called out for her white feminism once and decided to appropriate that wisdom to push PETA’s fake-woke agenda.

  5. JK

    PETA has always been a ridiculous and it really has everything to do with their toxic YT vegan nonsense. Being ridiculous gets views, however, they consistently prioritize animals over humans. Sure they don’t want people to use anti-animal language but they are never around to speak to their own community when it comes to comparing chattel slavery to animal farming. Yt vegans will go go as far as using words like “animal lynching” and comparing the black body swinging from the gallows as equal to a pig being killed. I won’t burn your eyes but a quick google image search will show you what I mean.

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