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1813: We’re Not In Texas Anymore

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Rod and Karen discuss Dollar Stores flourishing due to poverty, 45 year old man hurt in hazing incident, Old Bay vs New Bae, Jehovah’s Witnesses under attack, a bad performance of The Wiz, Ohio town offers to pay off student loans, Starrkeisha’s Christmas Carols, Forever 21 Wakanda, black man paycheck harassment, Richelieu Dennis investing in black women, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I am not too proud to admit that the dollar store is my go to place for movie theater snacks, party decorations, gift bags and wrapping paper and odds and ends ends. I’ll buy just about anything from the dollar store except meat. I don’t know about anywhere else, but the Dollar Trees in my neighborhood are really nice.

    As for that janky Wiz production, I think I can top it. I guess around the time Dreamgirls the movie came out my friend’s daughter was selling tickets to her high school play. Her drama department decided to put on a multicultural version of dreamgirls, and by multi cultural I mean there were only two black people in the cast and neither of them played the main three girls. And the girl who played Effie White who skinny but they padded her body with pillows. It was a hot mess. And when she sang and I’m telling you, half the audience walked out. One white guy in the front of the audience stood up and yelled “this is terrible!”
    White Effie ran off the stage in tears so the director had to come out and scold the audience and said, “you should all be ashamed”

    It was a hot ass mess.

  2. StarDotStar

    The Jehovah’s Witness attacks thing might be in response (aka revenge) to there being a mass uncovering of child abuse going on behind closed doors. Obviously, absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the hierarchy within the religion makes it very easy for bad shit to go down. Most people willing to burn down one of their buildings knows specifically when nobody will be inside; the point is to keep them from meeting, not to actually hurt them.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    To be fair, in the 5 boroughs of NYC, we have 99-cent stores but there ain’t shit in there that is 99-cents but everything used to be $1+tax about 20 years ago. Now we do have a handful of Dollar Trees, Family Dollars, and Dollar Generals throughout Brooklyn, and everything is legit $1. I. HAVE. BOUGHT. GROCERIES. from Dollar Tree like canned vegetables, soups, crackers, pasta and some other broke people staples. lol.

  4. MizzAnderson

    I am not sure where in NY that person is from, but we do have Dollar Tree in Long Island and I also feel like I’m balling when I’m up in there! You are right about them killing us though. My boss worked for a company that shipped stuff to China to be filled with some other product and shipped back to be sold in the dollar store in name brand packaging. She could be lying though I don’t trust that lady.

  5. jamielscorpio

    I don’t want shit. Just to say if the ghost pirate was relate to Offset and wanted her back he would probably say “Arrrrrr mate I’m sorry bruh”

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