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SMR 223: Eighth Grade

Rod and Justin discuss the coming of age story of one young white girl, “Eighth Grade.”



    8th Grade surprised me. It has heart & it’s relatable to those who’ve had an 8th grade like Kayla (Elsie Fisher). This easily could’ve been a coming of age, but as relatable & pretentious, but I’m glad this film wasn’t that. I liked Kayla’s dad in this film, played by Josh Hamilton. All he wanted was the best for her daughter & to be the best person she could be for herself. And the resolution they had near the end, was pretty emotional. Also, he was a bit of a goof ball, which helped a ton. A lot of these kids, also, have character. Bo Burnham did a great job for his first directoral film.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Rod and Justin,

    I enjoyed your review of Eighth Grade. I actually went to see this movie in the theater, shout out to AMC’s A List Membership. I agree that it was an excellent film and I was disappointed that it did not do better while in the theater. Much like Love Simon and Blindspotting, I feel that Eighth Grade was a slept on gem, so hearing you two speak highly of it pleased me a great deal.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    My own middle school daughters, grades 6 and 8, tried watching 8th Grade but cut it off 35 minutes in because it was so cringe-worthyily real. I started having flashbacks to my fucked up middle school years and my daughters, especially the 8th grader, found it too real. We had to watch something utterly silly to wash away the real feels.

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