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1822: The Green Book Agenda

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Rod and Karen discuss K Michelle, Chance The Rapper, Kevin Hart, dems starting to run for president, Peter Farrelly, TD Jakes lays hands on John Gray, racist Oregon hotel, racist DA, Lil Plantation, lazy purse snatcher, smile scammer, woman beats man for declining sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. sugarpop

    Just wanted to say that TD Jakes “prayer” happened at my church. *insert British girl who’s sad, angry and disappointed* For real tho, I had to step away from them when they started bringing problematic pastors (like Jakes and John Gray) to visit and making anti-gay sermons. It’s a shame, that church didn’t always used to be like that.

  2. Trae


  3. Forest

    One more thing…on the Kevin Hart ish, I think part of the reason white gays are able to forgive easier is because of the soft bigotry of lower expectations. These are the same gays that perpetuate the myth that black people are more homophobic than the dominant society, despite the fact that the homophobia that threatens them the most (laws, conversion therapy, etc) all originate among white people. They basically hold Kevin and other cishet black men to lower standards. Meanwhile, queer black people are over here looking sideways at cishet black men, b/c we know these niggas can do and be better. They just don’t want to. And we’re looking sideways at white gays, bc we know that racism is at the core of their lowered expectations.

  4. Forest

    On the dems starting to run, I actually think it’s healthy that there’s no “chosen one” this cycle. I like that people are going to have to fight it out a bit to represent us. I think that each candidate is gonna have to face scrutiny that was absent in 2016. I mean, obviously Hillary was scrutinized to death, but Bernie and Jill were able to cook being problematic, emperor has no closed ass niggas with hardly any pushback. And the public-at-large is just now starting to see exactly how fucked up they were. So, I’m good with each person having to defend their record and articulate a clear vision for the country. That said, nan one of these niggas is worse than Trump, but hopefully, we’ll get a progressive agenda that we can hold whichever candidate to. I think it’s a stronger candidate field. So, I don’t really think Bernie has a chance, b/c this field doesn’t have the same baggage (however undeserved it was) Hillary did.

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