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1829: The Greatest Super Hero Film Of All Time

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Rod and Karen discuss Taraji P Henson’s Instastory, cast iron skillet update, Black Panther Oscar nomination, LGBTQ news, MAGA hat teens, Bhad Bhabie sold a lot of makeup, Tamika Mallory and Farrakhan, man fakes Down Syndrome, woman fakes Autism, daughters kill their mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Et tu, Tamika Mallory?? I’m starting to see how Rod is comfortable believing in no one & not getting his hopes up. It’s literally everywhere.

  2. Mdmebutterfly

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    In reference to the black women that continue to cape for R. Kelly, I think it’s really sad. My mom even pulled the “what about Weinstein” the other day and I had to remind her about the whole trial coming up and him being stripped of his accolades.

    I honestly think that the trauma of literal hundreds of years of black men being the target of “justice” while white men get away with the same crime has left us able to recognize the simplicity of the fact that R. Kelly did it and deserves to go to prison and lose all his things. As you’ve talked about before it’s hard to reconcile legality and morality in people abused by the system, even when the crime affects our own. It’s the same reason why people expect Kamala Harris to have never prosecuted anyone even though people committed crimes and that was literally her job. White people are the standard. So we fight against the prosecution of things that we, ourselves, don’t even believe to be right.

    Obviously I don’t condone any of the foolishness—send R. Kelly under the jail. You said it perfectly when you said these stories were brought to light by black women and we can’t erase their stories and their humanity for criminally trash niggas. I’m just trying to wrap my brain around why our people, especially black women, continue to do this. There is much to be said about how we make up the overwhelming majority of people in jail and being harshly punished by the criminal justice system but we can’t let that cloud the fact that this ain’t one of them times! His crimes are heineous and speak to a larger issue of over emphasizing youth and fertility and how that fails us all as a society, especially marginalized women. But anyway, there are too many atrocities to address at once.

    Also, Karen, I definitely got some interesting looks when my mom walked by and all she heard was “people ain’t sucking dick to get water in Flint.” Ahhh, fun times. Y’all are the best.

    PS. I second the 5stars on the black panther rant.

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    Five Stars on Rod’s Rant about Black Panther’s Best Picture Nomination!

  4. katrese206

    Like you, Rod, I’m generally not into boycotts. I love Taraji. I had plans to see Taraji’s new movie, but not anymore. I don’t know if it’ll make a difference, but I want her & Momma Badu to feel the burn. Like Robert, it’s time for us to show that even our people can’t take our money, while disregarding & disrespecting our community.

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