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TNO 127: DC Can’t Keep A Batman

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, DC losing Ben Affleck as Batman, M. Night talks directing a Marvel or DC movie, Ghostbusters news, Deadpool 3 will be different, EA’s Star Wars games, video games hit all time record, female Fast and Furious spinoff, Disney Plus, 40% of Disney’s upcoming movies directed by women, Jordan Peele says Us isn’t about race, Disney buying Fox, The Batman will have multiple villains, Kevin Smith called out by Bill Maher, Aquaman passes Dark Knight at box office, Zazie Beetz says Joker script was being rewritten during filming, Patty Jenkins says DC needs more solo movies, She-Ra returns in April, James Gunn, CW renews shows, Xbox glitch, Batman Beyond animated movie coming, Aquaman 2 in development, The Rock won’t be in Fast 9, Assassin’s Creed DLC getting fixed, Birds of Prey may re-write Harley Quinn’s origin, Chucky coming to Syfy, Hulu will show ads during pause screen, Zombieland 2 cast Rosario Dawson, Dune reboot, 24 Jump Street, Resident Evil on Netflix, Japanese robot hotel, Hot Wheels live action movie, Bill And Ted 3, Killmonger may return, Candyman reboot, Facebook Friendly Fraud, STD sensitive condoms, Robocop Returns, Ultraviolet shutting down, Fortnite being sued again and a smaller Switch?


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey y’all:

    I may not be able to listen live because I will be spending my entire weekend working unfortunately – day and night. Let’s just say I now understand what the making of Justice League must have felt like. Can someone send Jurnee Smollett up here with a horse-drawn cart I can hide in the back of and ride out?

    – I know folks are sad about Affleck, but – hot take I guess – I’m glad he’s gone. He did his best with what he was given, but what he was given was a mess and the entire idea of doing a Snyderized older The Dark Knight Returns Batman was a bad idea from the start.

    – I know it’s not y’all’s regular comic book show fare, but I am excited about the Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene that is going up for pilot season, as it’ll blend one relatively obscure Archie comic with characters from Josie & the Pussycats, including one of my favorite characters, Alexandra Cabot. Somebody somewhere out there in Nerd Off land has to feel me, I hope!

    – Warner’s pitting a Trench movie into development (even if it never gets greenlit) sounds like they’re applying The Conjuring logic to their DC-branded movies, and that may not work out in their favor.

    – Is New Line Cinema really gonna ride with that hard PG-13 rating they got for Shazam!? I thought they were aiming for a kid-friendly PG instead. Their promotional roll out has been kind of slow for it – do people even know that all the other kids besides Billy and Freddy are in it? Come to think of it, promo has been light for every other Warner Bros. film this year, which may explain why The LEGO Movie 2 underperformed despite good reviews. My friend told me he saw LEGO 2 and both cried laughing and cried-cried.

    Have an awesome show!

    -b. Touch

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Nerd Off Crew! I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll try to make this short-ish.

    First, Aaron, what do you think about all this Activision/Blizzard nonsense? They just stay losing lately. First they lost Destiny to Bungie and now they’re laying off 8% of their work force after “record” earnings. As someone who has played WoW since the Beta, I actually care about the health of the company that makes that game and the most recent WoW expansion, Battle for Azeroth, has really suffered. It’s certainly lagged behind in quality to the last expansion Legion, and it’s interesting to think that some of those changes are due to the new CEO and his vision for the company.

    Also, Rod, are you all caught up on The Passage? Cos…NIGGA. This last episode just cemented to me that this is one of the best genre shows on TV. It also further proves that men are TRASH. I am not surprised that the vampire apocalypse is basically being started over pussy. Pussy really is undefeated. Also, the little girl that plays Amy is the best part of that show, and her relationship with “The Agent” really makes me smile.

    I have read and watched just about every vampire anything you can think of, and it is exceedingly rare to find any stories about vampires that are centered on black people. Anne Rice is probably my favorite author, but her Vampire Chronicles that are set in BLACK AS FUCK NEW ORLEANS only have one vampire of color and she’s like an eighth black or something. You’re telling me…there are just NO black vampires…in NEW ORLEANS…at all…across ALL the centuries? The vampires weren’t fucking and biting all those beautiful black women? Ok, Anne.

    Also, Aaron, I am going back to Tokyo in April. My friend got us tickets to the Persona 5 Concert in Akihabara so I am pretty hyped. Keep up the good work guys!


  3. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron,

    I know really like Star Trek Discover but have any of you watched that Orville show on Fox? I remember seeing the previews and thought it was a parody joke that failed and then this week I saw an article about how great the show is and how good the ratings are. I don’t see ppl in my space talking about it a lot but apparently ppl are watching.

    Also, did y’all see that article about Keanu Reeves hinting that he wants to play Wolverine In the Disney/Marvel reboot? I doubt marvel will got that route but nigga John Wick Logan??

    Lastly Two quick things did y’all see that Shaft trailer? Nigga Sam Jackson and Richard Roundtree fucking niggas up oh I’m here for that shit. And are y’all excited for that new game Anthem? Ppl been waiting for this game for years and everything I’ve read is that it’s The new and improved Destiny? I know Aaron probably knows more about it but i know it’s a lot hype behind this game.

    Keep up the great content


  4. kccolon10

    Hey everyone!

    I’m in the desert for a year, and I’m avoiding writing my paper for my Masters thesis. So I decided to read the entire series of Harry Potter for the first time. I’m 28 years old, and I’ve only seen half the movies prior to reading the books. I’ve read the Divergent series, and the Hunger Games books along with several other fiction books. Harry Potter was the best series of books I’ve ever read in my life, bar none. I loved it. I read the books, watched true movies, and listened to podcasts about both. I understand that I’m about two decades behind, but if you’ve never taken the time to read them, I definitely would! I’m going home to the states for vacation, and I plan on going to Harry Potter world to immerse myself even further.

    NO SPOILERS!! I watched the second season of Marvel’s The Punisher. It’s legit the best Marvel show has. I’ve only watched part of Luke Cage and a few unfortunate episodes of SHIELD, but it’s amazing. I dare to say it’s my favorite product Marvel has produced. Do not get me wrong, I love all the Marvel movies, and watch Captain America: Civil War and Avengers once a quarter. But I like the darker side of comics, and Rod I’m with you, because I like the fact that he’s just a man fucking people up. It’s great. I watched it in one sitting. I cannot wait for the next season, and I’m re-watching the second season next week.

    So I’ve been thinking over the last few months about whether or not I’m getting Disney Play when it comes out. And after much consideration, I’m proud to say I’m going to be the first in line. First, I got a toddler, 3 years old to be exact. I’ve got to introduce my childhood to her. Second, I’m a budding nerd, and they will have access to too much content. Third, I pay my bills ON TIME, and if it’s 20 dollars or less, I’m just putting it in the entertainment portion of my budget. It’s gonna be great.

    Well, that’s all I got! I love TNO every week, love listening to all the nerd shit, and I’m happy that I have a place where I can feels comfortable sharing my opinions about things like Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, and more. Thank you!

  5. Amani

    Now Rod, I’m tired of you going around and calling out Kriss for missing last week. My man had a legitimate excuse. Do you know how long it takes to find a VHS camera and go around recording yourself in an abandoned school claiming it’s your own? That takes time out of your day!

    But I do appreciate Karen’s consistency, because she stays with her racist AI agenda. That Robot hotel was too much! Next thing you know you’re gonna go down ask the receptionist if they have extra towels and they just go “Not for your Black ass”.

    And shout out to Marvel getting into the Adult Swim game with animated shows on Hulu. Folks have been wondering how they’re going to use Hulu vs. Disney+ and if that’s how they split their more adult options I’m with it. Still a little sad we couldn’t have that Donald Glover Deadpool, but we’ve got the Aqua Teen crew and Patton Oswalt working on these shows, count me in!

  6. KungFuTreachery

    Yo, for the sake of clarity: Is Ben Affleck gone from the role of Batman PERIOD, or just specifically the upcoming Mat Reeves Batman film(s)?

  7. thatdudefromvi

    Hey guys,

    Great show! I’m new to the premium network so sorry if I missed the discussion but have you guys every played Persona 5? What are your thoughts? Also, #Anitwitter has me thinking I need to give One Piece another shot. Do any of you guys watch? If so, do you recommend I do so? I often hear that once you get past the first 30 episodes or so it gets good/better.

  8. katrese206

    Hey guys… I really enjoy this show… even though I don’t consider myself a nerd, as I’m not into video games or comic books… I just enjoy you all’s banter & jokes!

    Rod, you mentioned Joe Rogan in your commentary on Bill Maher. Honestly, for the regular show, I’d been wanting to write in to ask if y’all listened to his show. His & your show are my absolute favorite, can’t miss shows. I’m hoping you’ll say that you haven’t listened to his much… because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    I must admit that Bill Maher held my attention for some time… but ultimately, he proved to be way too dogmatic, overbearing & insensitive… so, I tapped out on him years ago. I don’t think he’s racist; I just think he’s an unhappy person & uses the show to vent his ridiculous gripes for attention & a sense of power. I think Rogan gets a bad rap… he’s far more liberal than most believe. & while he’s had some controversial guests, it’s generally been to show how ludicrous or educated they were.

    As much as I love you guys, I know we don’t have to agree on everything… so, I’ll understand if your view of Rogan differs.

    As always, appreciate you all’s hard work.

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