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TNO 202: Stealing His Kingdom Heart

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Switch passes Wii’s total US sales, Baldur’s Gate 3 could launch on Xbox Series S with no split-screen, Epic Games offers devs 100% profits for exclusivity, Sony raises Playstation Plus prices, Twitter wants to collect biometric data, Call of Duty using AI to catch harassment, G.I. Joe brawler, Stray getting an animated movie, Starfield causing Playstation users to wild out, Unity causes huge stir with new pricing model, iPhone 15 getting AAA games, PS5 update allows you to mute start up beep, Paper Mario getting remaster, Square Enix loses $2 billion in value, One Piece live action renewed, Ascendant Studios lays off half of staff, NASA promises to tell us about aliens, Lando is now a movie, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor leaves EA, Alan Moore wants all his royalties given to BLM, Starfield getting updates soon and Japanese woman arrested for stealing boyfriend’s Sora figure.

TNO 201: What Is Wrong With Zack Snyder?

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, VFX artists unionizing, Red Dead Redemption port backlash, Sonic sequel filming without actors, Uncharted producer wants a sequel, Disney Plus raising prices and cracking down on password sharing, Wonder Woman 3 is NOT in the works, Embracer deal with Suadi’s falls through, Assassin’s Creed Mirage dropping a week earlier, bots are better than humans at CAPTCHA, Star Wars Singapore animation studio closing down, Xbox 360 store closing down, NERF movie, Baldur’s Gate 3 coming to Xbox soon, Zack Snyder has a 5 hour cut of Rebel Moon, Starfield leaker arrested, Playstation Portal, Charles Martinet retiring from voicing Mario, a modernized Atari 2600 console and Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X console wraps.

TNO 200: The Twisted Metal Bumblebee

Rod, Karen, Bacon and LJ discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Assassin’s Creed haptic vest, Fable creative director leaves team, Xbox will keep COD on Playstation, Netflix canceling the Masters Of Universe, Justin Roiland being replaced on Rick and Morty, Xbox hardware sales in a slump, Nicki Minaj, you pay with Venmo on Xbox, Dungeons and Dragons 2 sequel, Hasbro wants Transformers games on GamePass, Wonder Woman 3, NASA Plus, naked Chun Li, Baldur’s Gate, animated DC movies getting theater releases, Warner Bros / Discover loses subscribers after rebranding HBO Max, Disney digitized actors, Beyond The Spider-Verse delayed, Lando series, Call of Duty cheaters will be exposed, Disenchantment ending with season 5, Xbox letting gamers repair their controller parts, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Assassin’s Creed Mirage will take about 25-30 hours to beat, TMNT sequel, Yoshi P tired of trolls complaining and a cyber attack shuts down hospitals in some states.

TNO 199: Taking Back Comic-Con

Rod, Karen, Joe and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, new What If series, Kiersey Clemons comes clean, robots won’t steal jobs, Black Panther game announced, Sega of America has unionized, voice actor speaks out against AI, Shang-Chi pushed back, Sega exec dismisses Blockchain games as boring, Amazon’s Citadel $250 flop, NBA 2k24 will have cross play, DCU is confusing, Disney pulling back on Marvel and Star Wars, Deadpool 3 stops filming, Xbox getting Antstream Arcade, Comic-Con, House of the Dragon 2, Bungie wins lawsuit against player who harassed developer, Dead reckoning didn’t use de-aging, Fast and Furious roller coaster, Alita Battle Angel sequels and Secret Invasion was expensive.

TNO 198: The Sick And Shut In Episode

Rod, Karen and Lashonda discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Spider-Verse accused of overworking animators, Xbox pays 20 mil fine to FTC, Xbox dones making games for Xbox One, Andy Muschietti dircecting Batman The Brave and the Bold, Netflix saw huge growth from password crackdown, Dan Stevens replacing Justin Roiland on Solar Opposites, Harley Quinn returns in July, El Muerto loses release date, Sony vs Microsoft in court, no Michael Keaton Batman Beyond, Dead Reckoning – Part One setting box office franchise opening already, Zuckerberg vs Musk in a fight, Logan director a little salty about Deadpool, Xbox prices going up outside of US, the Mandalorian changing lead characters, Primal season 3 is coming, Across the Spider-Verse banned in UAB and all the big companies skipping Comic-Con.

TNO 197: End of an Arrowverse

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Brandon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, European Commission approves Activision Xbox merger, CW fall lineup will have no comicbook shoes, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser adventure closing, FDA approves Elon Musk’s brain implant chip, Nintendo gets emulator kicked off Steam, The Flash director won’t replace Ezra Miller in a sequel, Wither 3 sales cross 50 million, Little Mermaid opening weekend, Jon Snow spinoff may not happen, John Wick 5 in early development, PlayStation sells more than Xbox in Europe, Prime video takes a shot at Netflix over password sharing crackdown, Deadpool 3 filming with no writers, Sony’s handheld, FTC charges Amazon with privacy violations, why Redfall didn’t work, IMDB has to adjust ratings due to Little Mermaid review bombing, Rings of Power racism, John Wick fighting scene changed by Keanu, Ariel’s hair cost 150k, Across the Spider-Verse Blu-rays already on sale, new joy-cons and Netflix investors vote against top-level execs.

TNO 196: Check Your Emails

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Chris Lamberth discuss listener feedback, entertainment, The Flash will reset DC Universe, King of the Hill revival, Nintendo gives employees raises, Star Trek: Discovery ending with season 5, Punisher coming to new Daredevil show, GameStop employees freak out over RE4 pre-order cancelation, Creed anime coming to Amazon, James Gunn directing Superman film, Twitch streamer caught with deepfake porn of friends is now helping, Shazam fall out, Michelle Rodriguez won’t be in Avatar sequels, Moana live action movie, Stars getting new movie with Rey, PlayStation controller that changes temperatures, Game of Thrones prequel in the works, Street Fighter movie, Asus handheld gaming PC, The Marvels trailer get most dislikes on YouTube, Super Mario Bros movie breaks records, Horizon Forbidden West review bombed over queer romance, Elizabeth Olsen says Doctor Strange writer hadn’t seen WandaVision, EA not worried about Activision deal, E3 is dead, Phil Spencer takes responsibility for Red Fall being bad, Sweet Tooth getting final season, Midnight Suns not coming to Switch, GameFace AI and MMO players steal $20,000.

TNO 195: $804

Rod, Karen and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Velma is popular, what went wrong with Iron Fist, Wakanda Forever coming to Disney+, Avatar makes 2 billion, PS5 shortage, Stephen Amell coming back as Arrow, man stole money from work and lost it on GameStop,  WB says it’s done canceling shows and then immediately cancels Titans and Doom Patrol, Final Space creator launches Kickstarter, Dungeons and Dragons TV show in the works, Fear The Walking Dead ending, Digital sales accounted for 90% of games in UK, Gina Carano, Ubisoft cancels more games, Justin Roiland fired from everything, Marvel’s Avengers to be delisted, Angela Bassett nets Marvel their first acting Oscar nom, League of Legends source code hacked, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back, the Razzies rescind nomination of 12 year old, Hogwarts Legacy developer respond to controversy, Squid Game reality TV show injury rumors, Kevin Feige doesn’t think people will get tired of Marvel movies, Nintendo ramping up production to prepare for new Zelda game, Naughty Dog under no pressure to release sequels, man falsely accused of playing games at work, The Last of Us renewed for season 2 and Tomb Raider TV series.

TNO 194: T’Challahisi Coates

Rod, Karen, Shanna and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Black Adam losing money, the DCEU relaunch turmoil, Nintendo shuts down Smash World Tour, Nobody getting a sequel, Twitch streamer gets anonymous donation, Call of Duty coming to Switch, Cavill moving on to Warhammer, Gal Gadot returning to Fast and Furious, J Law gets roasted for saying she’s the first woman to lead an action franchise, Alita Battle Angel sequel, Days Gone director blames woke reviewers for mid game, GameStop getting out of Crypto, Donald Glover Spider-Man spin-off, Nintendo JoyCon drift, the top 10 anticipated movies of 2023, HBO Max adds Clarence back, John Ridley ending Black Panther run, Velma coming to HBO Max, movie studio can be sued for deceptive trailers, Terminator reboot, Epic Games fined, Pokemon anime moving past Ash and Pikachu, Spider-Man 2 and Netflix ending password sharing.

TNO 193: Bambi: Hunter Be Hunted

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, FFX 16 dev has horrible racist take, Avatar 2 has huge budget, Gears of War movie, Kevin Conroy dies, man shoots PS4, Silk: Spider Society, Xbox Series S on sale, Fast X budget ballooning, Ice Dragon animated movie, Sonic designer arrested, Bog Iger back at Disney, Twitch streamer gets cracker pass, Blade reboot will be gritty, Marvel’s Avengers spokesperson removed, Indiana Jones will use de-aging tech, God Of War Ragnarok fastest selling first party PS game ever, Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive reboots, FTC will contest Activision Microsoft deal, Calisto Protocol DLC, Xbox upgrading Series X home, Bambi horror movie and Fable.

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