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TNO 210: Them Stellar Blade Cheeks

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Funimation closure messing anime up, Keanu will voice Shadow, female-led Iron First rumor, One Punch Man movie update, Invincible video game crowdfunded, Take-Two layoffs, Helldivers 2 CEO speaks on realities of running a live service game, LittleBigPlanet server shutdown, Witcher Spin-Off canceled, Kraven the Hunter pushed back, Fallout 4 update blindsides mod creator, Fallout TV show is second most watched in Amazon history, Stellar Blade censorship controversy, Mario Kart toy recall, Xbox gaming financial report, Net Neutrality restored, BlizzCon canceled, flamethrower robo dog, Fallout TV show increases Fallout game players, Kingdom Hearts movie, Hasbro betting on in-house game development, Batman Arkham VR game, Kevin Feige told Hugh Jackman not to come back and play Wolverine, X-Men 97 mansion, Michelle Yeo receiving presidential medal, Redfall anniversary passes with no DLC, gator that inspired Loki gator kidnapped, Horizon: Zero Dawn pulled from PS store, Starfield update, Crunchyroll raising prices, My Adventures with Superman season 2, Chris Hemsworth wants another Thor movie and the Candy Crush priest.

TNO 209: Beau Demayo Innocent!

Rod, Karen and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Xmen97 show runner fired, Watch Dogs live action movie, Akira Toriyama dies, Dakota Johnson vs Sony, Playstation exclusives hurting the bottom line, WB delists Adult Swim video games, The Batman 2 sequel pushed back, Peacemaker season 1 isn’t cannon, Live action Teen Titans movie in the works, Apple sued by the DOJ, live action Popeye movie, Larian Studios not making Baldur’s Gate 3, GTA 6 production moving back to the office, police using Lego heads on suspects, Scar Jo in talks to star in Jurassic World movie, Kristen Stewart, Gearbox sold from Embracer to Take-Two, Isekai in the Oxford dictionary, Solo Leveling director went too hard, new Matrix movie announced, ESRB face scanning proprosal rejected, Crunchyroll announces profiles, Kirsten Dunst wasn’t asked to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Brightburn 2 not happening, Life is Strange toxic workplace, Gears 6 announced, old games taking up all gaming time, Jon Snow spinoff no longer happening, Star Wars Outlaws early access, Dead Space 2 Remake not happening, Nia DaCosta in talks to direct 28 Years Later, Heroes Eclipsed series returning, The Last Ronin R-Rated Live Action movie, Transformers / GI Joe movie announced, Star Trek streaming shows coming to an end, Fallout 4 update coming soon, Slay the Spire 2 won’t be on Unity engine, Thunderbolts*, GAME laying off staff and Japanese man arrested for Pokemon cheating.

TNO 208: Spencer’s Sexology Pussy Power 8-Function Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Rod, Karen, Shanna and Jack discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Xbox games coming to PS5 and Switch, PS5 entering latter stage of life, Nintendo Switch 2 pushed to 2025, Embracer canceled nearly 30, Gearbox wants out of Embracer, Stardew Valley Update, Game of Thrones shot vertically, Xmen gone Woke, Vibrator malware, Rockstar makes people return to office, Star Citizen layoffs, Liam Neeson “Naked Gun,” Dave Bautista wants to play a comic book villain, Apple no longer working on self driving car, AI Game Scent device, Playstation Portal selling well, Tekken 8 sells well, live-action Naruto, Fairly Odd Parents reboot, WWE 2K24, Police Call of Duty ad, Baldur’s Gate may be 4 physical discs, Superman find its Perry White and Crash Team Rumble no longer getting support after 9 months.

TNO 207: Master Chief Was Beatin’ Cheeks

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Steven Yeun leaves Thunderbolts, Ahsoka season 2 talks haven’t started yet, Netflix  Marvel shows are canon now, Margot Robbie wants to pass of Harley Quinn mantle, MJ Face model dealing with stalking and harassment, the Mandalorian movie, Echo ratings, SAG-AFTRA makes deal that allows AI voice work, Discord laying off people, Ubisoft says gamers need to get used to not owning games, She-Hulk not getting season 2, RDJ says some of his best acting in Marvel movie, Japan lands on moon, Christopher Reeve’s children didn’t see Flash, Halo season 2, a third of gaming devs had layoffs last year, Hogwarts legacy best selling game of 2023, GameStop out of the NFT game, Book of Eli prequel, Microsoft cuts 2000 jobs, Nintendo Switch 2, Live-Action Avatar cut Sokka’s sexism, Pokimane leaves Twitch, Last of Us 3, Xbox may put exclusives on other consoles, Gina Carano sues Disney, Spider-Man 2 free trial, Funimation / Crunchyroll, MCU Slowdown, Predator spinoff, Jurassic World movie loses director, Moana sequel, Disney invests 1.5 billion in Epic Games for Disney Fortnite experience, Kumail Nanjiana needed therapy after Eternals backlash, Florida Joker drops suit against RockStar, Sega issue warning after sluggish Sonic sales, Spike Lee and Denzel making new movie and Stephen A Smith’s favorite X-Men.

TNO 206: Have a Nerdy New Year

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Warner Bros merging with Paramount, the Game Awards criticism, The Day Before shutting down, Killer Klowns from Outer Space video game, Tubi getting DC content, E3 officially dead, Star Wars will no longer cast young versions of classic characters, Insomiac hacked, Sony wants studios to cut staff, Eyes of Wakanda animated series, Blue Eye Samurai getting season 2, James Gunn talks about “cameo porn”, Kylo Rens redemption wasn’t planned, Last of Us Multiplayer canceled, Warrior canceled, George Clooney won’t return as Batman, Andor pushed out of 2024, Sony patent for adjusting game difficulty, Jet Set Radio will be open world, GTA 6 hacker sentenced to life, China cracking down on games again, Xbox slammed for using AI generated art, Playstation not deleting Discovery shows, Bobby Kotick leaving Activision, Avatar live action series, Jonathan Majors done at Marvel, Activision QA workers forced to return to work, the most pirated TV shows and Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon is blurry on purpose.

TNO 205: GTA Jiggle Physics

Rod, Karen, LaShonda and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Last of Us Part 2 remaster, more lay-offs, Dave Filoni taking over Star Wars, Bethesda responding to bad Steam reviews, Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit coming to Arkham, Playstation deleting tons of TV shows, Halo TV show, Kevin Feige say RDJ not returning, Maleficent 3 confirmed, Bungie Devs sad, Dr. Quinn not coming back, Toonami crosses major milestone, Natalie Portman open to Star Wars return, GTA 6 on PC, Playstation permanently suspends accounts for unknown reasons, Twitch shutting down in Korea, Pixar releasing movies in theaters, DC Games don’t have to align with movie universe, Stardew Valley update,  Starfield has over 12 million players, Mahershala feeling better about Blade, Loki 2 finale tops charts, Skull and Bones release date, Sega rebooting games, Last of Us Season 2, The Walking Dead Betrayal scrapped and Nintendo cancels Esports event over threats.


Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Unity CEO steps down, Critical Role sexual harassment scandal, Pacific Rim 2 mix-up, Daredevil writers and directors fired, physical media coming to an end, live-action Gargoyles show, Netflix claims to add subscribers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force returning, Starfield sales figures, Nintendo will ease transition to new console, PS5 slim optical drive will require internet connection, Arkham Knight Batman costume controversy, Fantastic Beasts parked, Highlander reboot, Wolverine game will be set in same universe as Spider-man, Starfield continues to perform, Bungie lay-offs, Gamestop still ripping people off, Nicolas Cage on his Flash cameo, Marvel may switch from Kang to Dr. Doom, Futurama renewed at Hulu, Echo series won’t require previous Marvel knowledge, live-action Legend of Zelda, Avengers: Kang Dynasty loses director, Persona 5 publisher raises salaries, Mortal Kombat controversial seasonal fatalities, Pedro Pascal could be Reed Richards, PlayStation Portal, Spider-Man 2 sales, Comixology moving to Kindle, Amazon has laid of 180 workers, Steam Deck OLED and Black Friday deals.

TNO 203: Animal Crossing Sex Dungeon

Rod, Karen, Jack and Shanna discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Ubisoft’s broken promises, FF 7 won’t import saves, VFX workers unionizing against Marvel, Calisto Protocol lead leaves, Amazon Prime price rising, Capcom president saying games cost too much, Sony data breach, PlayStation boss retiring, the Marvels has shortest MCU runtime, Xbox chats lead to evidence of a crime, Dan Harmon speaks Justin Roiland, KOTOR deleted from Sony social media, Last of Us Factions might be on ice, Last of Us 2 remake coming, Red Fall news, TellTale layoffs, Wii U losing online support, PlayStation movies now available for PS Plus, Bungie being sued by former HR person, live-action Cyberpunk, Twitch lay-offs, Starfield nominated for Game of Year Awards, Ubisoft execs arrested for sexual harassment, Sega’s biggest budget game ever canceled and Lego Animal Crossing crossover.

TNO 202: Stealing His Kingdom Heart

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Switch passes Wii’s total US sales, Baldur’s Gate 3 could launch on Xbox Series S with no split-screen, Epic Games offers devs 100% profits for exclusivity, Sony raises Playstation Plus prices, Twitter wants to collect biometric data, Call of Duty using AI to catch harassment, G.I. Joe brawler, Stray getting an animated movie, Starfield causing Playstation users to wild out, Unity causes huge stir with new pricing model, iPhone 15 getting AAA games, PS5 update allows you to mute start up beep, Paper Mario getting remaster, Square Enix loses $2 billion in value, One Piece live action renewed, Ascendant Studios lays off half of staff, NASA promises to tell us about aliens, Lando is now a movie, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor leaves EA, Alan Moore wants all his royalties given to BLM, Starfield getting updates soon and Japanese woman arrested for stealing boyfriend’s Sora figure.

TNO 201: What Is Wrong With Zack Snyder?

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, VFX artists unionizing, Red Dead Redemption port backlash, Sonic sequel filming without actors, Uncharted producer wants a sequel, Disney Plus raising prices and cracking down on password sharing, Wonder Woman 3 is NOT in the works, Embracer deal with Suadi’s falls through, Assassin’s Creed Mirage dropping a week earlier, bots are better than humans at CAPTCHA, Star Wars Singapore animation studio closing down, Xbox 360 store closing down, NERF movie, Baldur’s Gate 3 coming to Xbox soon, Zack Snyder has a 5 hour cut of Rebel Moon, Starfield leaker arrested, Playstation Portal, Charles Martinet retiring from voicing Mario, a modernized Atari 2600 console and Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X console wraps.

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