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TNO 195: $804

Rod, Karen and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Velma is popular, what went wrong with Iron Fist, Wakanda Forever coming to Disney+, Avatar makes 2 billion, PS5 shortage, Stephen Amell coming back as Arrow, man stole money from work and lost it on GameStop,  WB says it’s done canceling shows and then immediately cancels Titans and Doom Patrol, Final Space creator launches Kickstarter, Dungeons and Dragons TV show in the works, Fear The Walking Dead ending, Digital sales accounted for 90% of games in UK, Gina Carano, Ubisoft cancels more games, Justin Roiland fired from everything, Marvel’s Avengers to be delisted, Angela Bassett nets Marvel their first acting Oscar nom, League of Legends source code hacked, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back, the Razzies rescind nomination of 12 year old, Hogwarts Legacy developer respond to controversy, Squid Game reality TV show injury rumors, Kevin Feige doesn’t think people will get tired of Marvel movies, Nintendo ramping up production to prepare for new Zelda game, Naughty Dog under no pressure to release sequels, man falsely accused of playing games at work, The Last of Us renewed for season 2 and Tomb Raider TV series.

TNO 194: T’Challahisi Coates

Rod, Karen, Shanna and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Black Adam losing money, the DCEU relaunch turmoil, Nintendo shuts down Smash World Tour, Nobody getting a sequel, Twitch streamer gets anonymous donation, Call of Duty coming to Switch, Cavill moving on to Warhammer, Gal Gadot returning to Fast and Furious, J Law gets roasted for saying she’s the first woman to lead an action franchise, Alita Battle Angel sequel, Days Gone director blames woke reviewers for mid game, GameStop getting out of Crypto, Donald Glover Spider-Man spin-off, Nintendo JoyCon drift, the top 10 anticipated movies of 2023, HBO Max adds Clarence back, John Ridley ending Black Panther run, Velma coming to HBO Max, movie studio can be sued for deceptive trailers, Terminator reboot, Epic Games fined, Pokemon anime moving past Ash and Pikachu, Spider-Man 2 and Netflix ending password sharing.

TNO 193: Bambi: Hunter Be Hunted

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, FFX 16 dev has horrible racist take, Avatar 2 has huge budget, Gears of War movie, Kevin Conroy dies, man shoots PS4, Silk: Spider Society, Xbox Series S on sale, Fast X budget ballooning, Ice Dragon animated movie, Sonic designer arrested, Bog Iger back at Disney, Twitch streamer gets cracker pass, Blade reboot will be gritty, Marvel’s Avengers spokesperson removed, Indiana Jones will use de-aging tech, God Of War Ragnarok fastest selling first party PS game ever, Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive reboots, FTC will contest Activision Microsoft deal, Calisto Protocol DLC, Xbox upgrading Series X home, Bambi horror movie and Fable.

TNO 192: It’s Giving Expecto Patronum Realness

Rod, Karen, LJ and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn heading up DC, Stargirl canceled, G4 TV shuts down, Petition to change Halloween Ends, Apple agrees to comply with cord rules, Vision getting a Disney+ series, Avatar will be over 3 hours, Marvel and EA agree to 3 game deal, Twitch streamer surgery update, Gamergate radicalized Pelosi attacker, Lupita Nyong’o Quiet Place spin-off, Venom 3, Sausage Party getting series at Amazon, Matthew Perry disses Keanu, The Sandman getting renewed, Microsoft gaming updates, Warner Bros will concentrate on new Harry Potter and Superman movies, Elon Musk fucking up Twitter, The Callisto Protocol getting a podcast, The Last Of Us series coming in January, Sony PS VR2 will be 550, Embracer Group shuts down Square Enix Montreal, Bayonetta voice acing update, Hideo Kojima getting offers for studio, Square Enix NFT announcement, Tuca & Bertie canceled, The Russo’s need a break, PS5 passes 25 million units sold, Modern Warfare 2 sets record, Black Adam wins box office again, Gotham Knights getting patches, Westworld canceled, Dodgeball sequel and Green Lantern TV show gets new direction.

TNO 191: Gotta Touch Em All!

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, 17 year old behind GTA hack arrested, Caleb McLaughlin, Hugh Jackmen returning as Wolverine, Disney wants a new Star Wars game every 6 months, Armor Wars is now a movie, Jurassic World Dominion producer admits there shouldn’t have been sequels, Stadia shutdown was unexpected by devs and employees, Solar Opposites renewed, Vox Machina renewed, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur renewed, Ezra Miller filming The Flash reshoots, Rings of Power season 2 could take years, TwitchCon foam pit injuries, TJ Miller says Ryan Reynolds was mean to him, Delta will offer VTOL planes to airport, Sydney Sweeney to star in Barbarella, Cartoon Network may be under threat, Recast T’Challa movement address by Black Panther 2 producer, Netflix ad tier, Game Pass made 2.9 billion, Sword and Shield losing support, Harrison Ford at Thunderbolt Ross, Nintendo settles with ex QA worker, Activision hit with another sexual harassment lawsuit, Sony buys GameStop Stock market movie, The Mummy 4, Xbox cloud gaming coming to Meta Quest, Blade movie put on pause, PS5 shipments up 400%, Titans season 4, Deathloop is part of Dishonored Universe, Harley Quinn special,  Velma is gay and Ell Fanning will star in Hideo Kojima’s next game.

TNO 190: GameStop Daycare

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Cyberpunk getting an update, Games Done Quick leaves FL, Netflix wants to switch to weekly releases, Paper Girls canceled, Ubisoft switching to $70 games, Constantine 2, pro gaming CEO on unpaid leave, YouTuber gets caught leaking games, writer turns down award to protest sexist companies, Iron Man game, GameStop says stop leaving your kids with them, Xbox update, 2k hacked and the Ballerina.

TNO 189: Twitchcord

Rod, Karen, Lashonda and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, more WB cuts, House of the Dragon renewed, Batgirl funeral viewing, Ring of Power getting review bombed, PS5 price increase, Xbox not increasing prices, Call of Duty will be on Game Pass, Game Pass friends and family plan, RIPD 2, Nintendo sexual harassment investigation, Embracer Group cops LOTR video game license, Buffy reboot on hold, Oceans prequel, Playstaion class action lawsuit, Resident Evil canceled, Star Trek movie loses director, Halo Voice actor directing anti-Biden film, Nichelle Nichole ashes will be launched into space, Prey directors talks about reusing name, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Twitter edit button, Rick and Morty news, Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy still in development, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk delayed, Ubisoft not shutting down servers for old games, new Mafia game in development, High On Life content, Gotham Knights moves up release date, KOTOR delayed indefinitely and controversial Steam developer removed from store.

TNO 188: What Is The Plan?

Rod, Karen, LJ and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the fallout around the Warner Bros / DCEU properties, R Rated Scooby-Doo, Chess robot breaks kid’s finger, Tomb Raider movie in limbo, Game of Thrones in 4K, Crunchyroll buys Right Stuf and gets ride of hentai, Disney Plus passes Netflix but raises prices, MS vs Sony in Brazil, Mark Ruffalo says each MCU property is different unlike Star Wars, Ghost of Tsushima director wants Japanese actors and language, George RR Martin, John Wick 4 will be the longest of the series, Forspoken trailer gets roasted, TwitchCon will have masks now and Harry Potter game delayed again.

TNO 187: Release The Snyder Bots!

Rod, Karen and Chris Lamberth discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Comic Con news, The Snyder Cut was demand fueled by fake bots, Live-Action Death Note, Captain America 4 gets director, Logan Paul Pokemon NFT, people want to boycott Thor for being too gay, Gremlins director says Baby Yoda was ripped off, PS rewards program, Powerpuff Girls reboot, Netflix lost one million subs, Wheel Of Time renewed, Jessica Alba on Disney diversity, The Last Of Us Remake update, Steam Deck compatible with 4000 games, Nintendo shutting down 3DS and Wii U eShops, Ubisoft’s bad luck, DC discontinuing SnyderVerse, trans streamer banned from Twitch for discussing her own harassment and William Shatner goes off.

TNO 186: Big Black Chewbacca

Rod, Karen and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Seth Greene gets his monkey back, Justin Lin to direct One Punch Man, Lady Gaga to play Harley Quinn, The Grammy’s will include video game music, Internet Explorer retired, Ezra Miller deletes IG after being accused of kidnapping, Jon Snow spin-off, Cuphead director speaks on staff’s well-being, Michael Jackson composed music for Sonic 3, Chris Evans not sure on returning as Cap,  The Flash is the longest running CW show, Defenders art, Nintendo Switch online free games, Tom Swift canceled, Xbox outsells PS5 in Japan, EA gets destroyed for tweet on single player gamers, Harley Quinn season 3 coming in July, Ghostbusters Afterlife sequel, Christian Bale speaks on potential return to Bruce Wayne role, Marvel returning to Comic-Con and Blade filming delayed by 3 months.

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