Salutations my favorite Nerds,

For the failure of Citadel, I blame Joe even if he won’t be here to defend himself. Tell him that it was me (I’ll tell him too haha). He always has one Whyte Bae from every show that he’s stanning for on the South African Prince app, but somehow he avoided Priyanka. Hmmm

I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in watching Bloodhounds or as I like to call it “Korean One Punchman” main dudes punches come with the heat. I love that show. I was celebrating the wins like I was part of the team.

Anyone seen ÅŒoku The Inner Chamber on Netflix? Just the trailer got me intrigued. I wouldn’t be surprised if some “men’s or family rights groups ” complained about it.

Solidarity with the actors and writers on strike