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LSG 35: Practice Your ABCs

Karen is ready with another piping hot serving of that Smack! We have some very spicy news this week involving a vegetarian chef serving up human flesh to his customers, high calorie desserts can help you eat healthy, Arby’s new sandwich and metals in your juice. We talk about the meals of the week from Mad Greek Of Charlotte and CO. And we wrap it all up with a very interesting interview with a weight loss coach for women, Ashley Chatman of Fit Body By Ashley. And for dessert we respond to your feedsmack!

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Mad Greek Of Charlotte


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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    I love LSG. Not only is the show informative and entertaining, it gives Karen a platform where she can just be happy from beginning to end. This sort of outlet is especially important in the era of the Circus Peanut President and his empowering all of the racists in America to show their asses. I say eat, drink and be merry and always remember, “If Your Lips Ain’t Smacking, It Ain’t Good.”

  2. Amani

    They serving up bodies in Vegetarian restaurants now? What happened did Hotpie cook up some evidence for Arya? What are we doing here?

    But I’m so glad Lip Smacking Good is back and pumping out regular episodes! Easily one of my favorite shows on the feed. Karen you the best!

  3. rodimusprime

    Delivery – I’m in a Middle Eastern country, and where I’m at, they have delivery service like you’ve never had it before. I found out I could order two kids scoops of ice cream for 6.50 including price of ice cream AND delivery. Why would I not do that?? It’s pretty dam fantastic. But because it’s a middle eastern country, they only sell alcohol in the international hotels (Sheraton, Marriott etc.)

    I’m going to tell my husband about Papa Johns adding alcohol, and I promise you that’s all that he will order to the house. We’ve got literally one dozen other, better options for pizza. But the second I tell him pizza AND beer can be delivered, that’ll be it. There won’t be a need to make a stop after work for beer, and to him, it’s worth eating pizza-flavored cardboard from Papa Johns.

    Drake’s $300 champagne makes sense for his brand. He’s all about luxury, flaunting his riches in our face, and just exuding wealth. But if he was really trying to get this money, he will eventually get a brand of champagne that’s $30-50 for the common blacks trying to live like champagne papi himself. That’s how Diddy got his money, because Ciroc was expensive enough to make a profit, but affordable enough to be in a regular liquor store on the corner in the projects. Niggas love Ciroc, and well love Drake’s off-brand, down graded champagne. But $300 a pop, he’s catering to his richer friends.

    Y’all keeping me on my toes with the LSG episodes, so I’m sending in feedback for LSG 34 late, but thank you for reading, and I’m getting to the most recent episode soon!


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