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If you ain’t smacking your lips then it ain’t good!

LSG 50: Snoop Loopz

Karen and Rod are here to put more on your plate. We discuss Papa John’s pizza bowls, Domino’s can’t cut it in Italy, Buffalo Wild Wings new pizza, Snoop Loopz, the Mexican Pizza is back, the Pink Sauce gets a brand deal, Carcker Barrel gets Impossible Sausage option, Hot Dog flavored candy corn, the Choco Taco saga, Fancy Feast is pop-up restaurant, Applebee’s chicken flavored lip-gloss and an NC Chick-Fil-A tries to pay people in chicken sandwiches. For Meals of the Week we talk Maria’s Mexican Restaurant, 800 Wood Fired Kitchen and Sal’s Pizza Factory. Rod talks about his cooking in Cook Dat Nigga. And Finally we get into your feedsmack.

Talk to you soon!

LSG 49: Colonel Sanders Plantation

Karen and Rod are back sooner than you thought! We discuss buying Colonel Sander’s house, Dorito’s collab with Black artists, Chick-Fil-A remains number one, free food for sriracha, Krispy Kreme ice cream, Golden Girls pop up coming to LA, Ben And Jerry’s hiring at-risk youth, burrito tape, condiment trends according to Whole Foods and the best chicken wings in Charlotte. The Meals of the Weak are Chef’s Kitchen, Chill Wills and Moon Thai and Japanese Cuisine. In the Cook Dat Nigga segment Rod discusses some Goldbelly finds he’s made and barbequing prawns on his stovetop. Finally we discuss your comments in FeedSmack.

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LSG 47: Return Of The Mexican Pizza

New Year, New Recipes! Rod and Karen are setting off 2022 with a banging new episode of Lip Smacking Good. In Spicy News we discuss Impossible food chain restaurants, the closing of the last Popeyes buffet, Chance the Rapper ice cream, new Oreo flavors, Taco Bell bringing back the Mexican Pizza, Arby’s vodka, Whole Foods delivery fee, KFC chicken head, Ireland alcohol tax, IG removing brewery pics and brewery owners are white men. The Meals of the week are Taco Bell’s new wings, Mr. Beast Burger, Nom Wah soup dumplings and Dumpling Monster dumplings. In Cook Dat Nigga Rod discusses chicken thighs with Sienna Sauce and air fried lobster tails. We conclude with your feedsmack on our latest episode. Thank you for listening. We really appreciate your comments as well!

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LSG 46: The Accidental Spicy Ramen Challenge

Karen and Rod give you the latest and greatest food talk to get your lips smacking. In Spicy News we discuss Pumpkin Spice Noodles, Thigh Stop, Mimosas at IHOP, Taco Bell recycling, Taco Bell monthly subscriptions, Bojangles gives workers 2 days off without pay, Burger King removing artificial ingredients, Cheesecake Factory loyalty program, Wendy’s opening kitchens, Pumpkin Spice Blizzard, Pumpkin Spice beer, what states love Pumpkin Spice, KFC Hotel and KFC hackers going to jail. Our Meals of the week are about take out breakfast spots. Cook Dat Nigga has Rod talking about a couple of dishes with opposite results. A Tuna Fish Sandwich and some Mushroom Rice Stew.

Spicy Tuna Melt Recipe

Thank you so much for your feedback. We’ll be back with another helping soon!

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LSG 45: Hot Chip Summer

Karen and Rod are bringing you another helping of Lip Smacking Goodness. In Spicy News we discuss Aldi opening more stores, DoorDash drivers struggle with low pay and Wal-Mart deliveries, Wendy’s Strawberry Frosty, Lil Yachty cereal boats, Poptarts dropping new flavors, McDonald’s closing 200 stores, Dairy Queen new Blizzard menu, Lay’s new chip flavors for the summer, free beer with vaccinations, a croissant creature and recipes to go with your cat food. Our Meals of the Week were Que Tacos CLT, Passport Dough And Co and Taste of Shu. Rod opines about the goodness of Fresh Market, casserole and zucchini fries in Cook Dat Nigga. And finally we get into your feedsmack.

We’ll be back with another plate for you soon. Thank you for listening!

Que Tacos Clt

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Passport Dough And Co

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Taste Of Shu

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Cook Dat Nigga

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LSG 44: The Christian Rap Of Alcoholism

Karen and Rod are back to give you something to smack your lips to. In today’s Spicy News we discuss Taco Bell hit and run, Reese’s Ultimate Peanutbutter cups, Panda express lawsuit, Uber buys Drizly, Chick-Fil-A sauces in stores, bars without booze, Real Water having some problems, Old Bay hot sauce, Travis Scott McDonald’s deal, and a prosecutor delivering DoorDash on the clock. In our Meals Of The Week segment we talk about two vastly different experiences at Brasas And Son vs What The Fries. Rod’s Cook Dat Nigga segment is all about Asian Lettuce Wraps. We didn’t get any feedsmack this time but we’re always on the lookout for your questions and comments.

We’ll be serving another helping soon! Thank you for listening.

Brasas And Son

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What The Fries

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Asian Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Asian Lettuce Wraps With Rice Bowl And Sriracha Aioli.

LSG 43: Fiss Sammich

Karen and Rod are back for another serving of Lip Smacking Good. In Spicy News we discuss Popeyes, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Burger King dropping new food, 7-Eleven turning into a bar, Chipotle opening more drive thru restaurants, Yelp and GoFundMe Fundraisers controversy, Bill Gates says we should eat synthetic beef, listeria warning and 10 little known facts about food court restaurants. Our Meals Of The Week take us to Mix Grill and Wings and Caribbean Fusion Food Truck. Rod’s “Cook That Nigga” segment is all about some pork chops and gravy. And finally we discuss your comments in our FeedSmack segment.

Thanks for listening and talk to you soon!

Mix Grill And Wings

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Caribbean Fusion

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LSG 42: They Put Their Beyond Foot In It

Rod and Karen are ready to smack some lips again even in a pandemic. In our Spicy News segment we discuss champagne sales falling, Subway sued over tuna sandwiches, Kraft pink mac n cheese, IHOP new to-go menu, Chick-fil-A grilled spicy chicken sandwich, Pizza Hut stuffed crust anniversary, McDonald’s new chicken sandwiches, Lean Cuisine recall, Polynesian sauce exploding, Taco Bell bringing back Bacon Club Chalupa, BuzzBallz, grocery shopping in the pandemic, Chipotle digital only store and Cholula hot sauce dispenser. Then we discuss our Meals Of The Week from the latest food trucks. The Plated Palette, Dee’s Vegan To-Go and Sun’s Kitchen. In “Cook That Nigga” Rod talks about his loin lamb chops meal. We end with your feedsmack! The real reason we do the show. Thanks so much and we will keep creatively finding ways to eat and report back!

The Plated Palette

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Dee’s Vegan To-Go

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Sun’s Kitchen

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LSG 41: Imaginary Restaurants

We’re still doing these in the pandemic? Looks like we are! We’re back for some more Lip Smacking Good! In our Spicy News segment we talk about the demise of the Mexican Pizza, Yelp racism alerts, Wendy’s breakfast menu, Chipotle fined for child labor violations, beehive theft, Blue Bell CEO charged with conspiracy, Starbucks reusable cups, America’s favorite Thanksgiving sides, Cheesecake Factory ain’t got the 5, restaurants that don’t exist and Thanksgiving Covid guidelines. For Meals Of The Week we talk about some Food Trucks we visited. Bleu Barn Bistro, Another?! Food Truck and Screamery Creamery. Then we get into Cook Dat Nigga where Rod AND Karen both discuss some meals they created in the kitchen.

No feedsmack this week but we know you only had 10 months to write in😂. Thank you for listening! Talk to you soon!

The Spice Suite

Blue Barn Bistro

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Another!? Food Truck

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Screamery Creamery

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