Rod and Karen are bringing you another helping of Lip Smacking Good. In Spicy News we discuss Taco Bell sued for false advertising, Taco Bell’s free Taco Tuesday for everyone, Chick-Fil-A new menu offerings, hot foods can cool you down, Publix no longer selling hurricane cakes, Saint-Tropez restaurants charging $5K for reservations, Ding Dong Twinkies, Pumpkin Spiced menu items, Anne Frank burger with Hitler fries, Wendy’s breakfast, Dragon Balls are too spicy for customer and Hungry Black Man review bombs local Black restaurants.  For Meals of the Week we discuss Fat Cat Burgers and Bake Shop and Quik Shoppe fried chicken. In Cook Dat Nigga Rod talks about baking bacon, making scrambled eggs and salmon salad quick meals. Finally, we discuss your comments in our FeedSmack segment. Thank you for listening!