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1840: Homeless Hotep Hogwarts

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Rod and Karen discuss more VA government fallout, men are sliding in to Little Miss Flint’s DMs, BET offends Nicki Minaj on Twitter, Katy Perry’s shoes, Corey Booker, Dr Umar acquires a school allegedly, man caught at red light by detectives, cops flirt online with wanted man, mother arrested after kids test positive for cocaine and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Those grown ass men sliding into Little Miss Flint’s DM’s know exactly what they’re doing. Some will feign innocence but there is no reason for grown ass men to address little girls. They know exactly how old she is too. It’s just weird and gross. Men are trash.

    Speaking of trash, Umar Johnson knows good and got damn well that school is never happening. He would probably be better off building that school from scratch than trying to bring that disaster up to code. That looks like a school in an abandoned town where kids go to throw raves at night. I bet that property is owned by the bank and he had to borrow the key from his friend who works at said bank to get in to film that video. Any fool who donates to this school deserves to be conned.

  2. kccolon10

    Yo. That video by Umar was OUTRAGEOUS. Let’s talk about how he almost hit his head on the exit sign. He might be a smooth 5’10”. They didn’t take the goddamn TRASH out?? You couldn’t move the spare chairs out the frame of the iPhone 6??? And he looked kinda ashy to me, idk about what y’all think. WHY is this just a school for boys, but the first images were of young girls?? Wasn’t this the same man that said the girls were gonna be forced to wear their natural hair at his school back in 2016??? WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?? You know he bought the building on discount using the devil governemnts stipends!!

    This is why Hoteps won’t prosper. My god.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Dear Rod and Karen,

    You need to stop slandering Dr. Umar. How can you question the legitimacy of his quest to educate the future hoteps of America at the expense of the black woman, just cause his school looks like a bombed out shelter that he doesn’t have the keys for? Rod, I been knew you was a savage when you did that KitKat mess, but today Queen Karen revealed she is likely the white man’s bed-wench, because her laughter at this black king and his efforts were painful. Dr. Umar is forgoing GuFundMe, PayPal, etc. because those are industries run by the white devils. He’s trying to maximize your black dollars, so put some respeck on his name and stop doing the white mans work by fighting him. Dr. Umar got his alkaloids correct and I suggest you negroes get your alkaloids in line as well. Don’t you ever question his efforts again. So says the person who wouldn’t even give him a penny to put in the gum machine as I stood there and watched.

  4. Felix

    I was so excited for Fairfax to get in there bruv. I cant believe how quickly he tanked this. Just fire all of them. Good grief.

  5. Shaniqua C.

    Throw the whole Virginia away! I live in VA and everyday I find myself watching the news like Brenda from Scary Movie. I hope it all gets resolved soon, but in the meantime I’m gon keep enjoying y’all recap The Bold and the Blackface.

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