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1844: HelloKush

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Rod and Karen are joined by Allegra and Mariano of the CoreTempArts Podcast Network to discuss their podcasts, Tekashi to receive no jail time, YNW Melly arrested, new details in the Jussie Smollett story, Uruguay legalized weed results, robocalls may come to an end, Vogue Brazil director resigns after slave party, teacher resigns after MLK comments, Lyft offers free rides to black locations, man pretend to be stood up for free meal, father sets daughter’s wheelchair on fire with her in it, officer uses police resources to investigate dates and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I really wanted to believe Jussie because the right has been emboldened to perpetuate acts like this against blacks, gays, women and the disabled or anyone who isn’t a cis white males. I know some people are side eyeing the chicago PD given their history but I think they were so quick on this case is because it was a high profile case. Honestly if Jussie wasn’t a celebrity they probably wouldn’t have allowed him to file the report in the first place because historically victims are rarely believed by people in authority unless they’re white. A lot of people are saying that he set us back with this hoax but honestly the people who won’t believe the next victim of a hate crime because of this case, wouldn’t have believed them anyway and would have dismissed it as fake news.
    These whole Jussie situation just underlines the hypocrisy on the right. While they’re having a field day over one person possibly lying, they are willfully ignorant or turn a blind eye to their lord and savior Orange christ who is a serial liar.
    I just hope Jussie can salvage his career after this. I’m sure he’ll be fine in a few months because people have short attention spans and no one really gets cancelled.

  2. Forest

    That Lyft story is reminds me that Valerie Jarrett is on their board. Good things tend to happen when Black women are in positions of power.

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    Fu**king with Black People…that teacher, she gets and “F!” Dem Babies standing up and advocating for themselves…100!

  4. Felix

    The Jussie Smollett thing has been interesting to watch develop. I agree with y’all. If I’m wrong and hes lying imma take that L but until proven otherwise I’ll take him at his word. I dont see any reason why hed lie about something like this. I’m not taking the Chicago police’s word for it knowing what they’ve done in the past. Kinda disappointing the number of folks who all of sudden turned into criminal investigators all because in this case it was a gay black man because we know for a fact they wouldnt have this same energy if it was a straight black man. Just telling on themselves at this point. Also doesn’t help with how the reporting on this is so skewed things are being disputed by those involved but outlets are reporting the dodgy information hours later and making the headlines purposely inflammatory while only barely talking about the clarifications in their articles. Also just interesting how folks are either not paying attention to or dont seem to care who they have on their side with this case. No matter how skeptical I am about something if I find myself on the same side as any ultra right wing or alt right adjacent individuals imma take a second and rethink things. In any case I hope everything turns out to be the legit and I’ll wait to see how it shakes out.

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