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1846: Return Of The Bern

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Rod and Karen discuss Being Serena documentary, Bernie Sanders announcing his 2020 candidacy, more Jussie news, Payless Shoes closing, women going gray, opposites don’t attract, Burberry noose hoodie, man points gun at MAGATs, black student kept out of school discussion, NYC bans discrimination based on hair, LGBTQ news, thieves caught on camera, teacher gives haircuts, trooper beats up man for FB post and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I rolled my eyes so hard when Bernie announced his candidacy. I am not looking forward to another two years of Bernie bros defending his bullshit. He’s one of the main reasons Trump will probably be re elected. I hope he falls and breaks a hip.

  2. Felix

    It’s only been a few days since Bernie announced he was running again and I’m already sick of him. Hes still on the same shit and the Bernie bros are slowly coming out of hibernation. Its been creeping back onto UK TVs and my Twitter timeline again too. Good grief.

    On the Jussie thing again. I’m always gonna believe victims but the more it looks like he lied about everything the more I dread how folks are gonna react to any hate crime stories that go viral. He’s given the worst people ammo to dunk on people and feel emboldened and the only people that are worse off are the people he’s purported to support for years. I feel bad for black LGBTQ+ folks out there that’ll have to deal with that. I’m really frustrated and disappointed in him right now.

    Lastly, man I wish they’d pass something against hair discrimination over here too cuz that is such a big problem over here. The institutional bias’ are just as strong. Glad to see places starting to acknowledge this and hope it sets a precedent for other places too. Enjoyed the show as always. Felix out.

  3. Co_CoPelli

    Dedicating “Break it Down” to Bernie, bernie Bros, and Russian bots. Y’all are some fools and I love it! That is all.

  4. Mike

    My hair went grey about 30 years ago. I am fine with it. What bothers me more with aging is forgetting people’s names.

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