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1847: The Pee Pee Girl

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    I would like TWD to be like the Star Trek franchise. Have several different shows and movies over decades that allow new generations of fans to come on board while us older people watch with nostalgia, but also give people years long breaks to get interested again.

    The show has been really good since it came back. Do you guys think PETA survived the ZPoc? If so, they are going to give the Whisperers hell! Also, Negan rhymes with vegan, but he had no love for animals when he fucked those dogs up last week. PETA is going to get his ass too.

    I liked that they gave us another clue about the timeline since their vagueness has bothered me for years. We knew Rick got shot while Carl was in school on a sunny day. Now it’s clear the ZPoc probably started near the beginning of the school year since Halloween was coming up within a couple months of Lydia’s family being in the bunker.

    I loved how Lydia’s story was a callback to a few themes present throughout the show. We had Carol and Zeke both talk about people needing stories to cope or accept people’s leadership. And how people will accept lies or exaggerations if it will make them feel better about the decisions being made. In particular, how kids receive such limited info, both for their protection, but also for adults to better control their behavior.

    Also, Daryl loves saving these abused girls. Somebody send his ass to R. Kelly’s house! But seriously, I hope Daryl doesn’t get killed because of Lydia. He already got shot and impaled looking for Sophia so it’s not looking like the end result of helping Lydia will be good.



  2. Evie E

    I’m so confused how Henry is so naive considering all that he’d gone through with the saviors. He knows that there are bad people out there. I’m sure he has some idea about something happening in Alexandria which is why the communities aren’t unified so to be this stupid just baffles me. Is it because he’s horny? Fuck that kid. Hope he gets stabbed in the throat.

  3. Eddie (@DaTruth82)

    Great recap as always…I just wanted to know when did Daryl become this Yoda es genius the way he outsmarted Henry into doing exactly what he needed him to do in order to get info from Lydia? Maybe this has always been him but i was watching like when this backwoods hick get so smart.

    Also i watched a few times and Daryl was actually in the shadows watching when Henry had Lydia outside and she was about to whack-a-mole him with that hammer. Seeing him is what made me realize this was planned all along by the great thinker Daryl.

    Anyway keep up the great work on the recaps and the podcast!!

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