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PG 184: MJ Did That Shit

Rod and Justin discuss Captain Marvel (no spoilers), Transformers movies, home schooling kids, fights in school, YMCA basketball, Leaving Neverland, Abducted In Plain Sight, reality show news and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod & Justin? I started watching WTF Baron Davis this past weekend and nigga that shit is funny. Between him getting stuck on the songer’s camel toe to his pitiful life lessons to Swaggy having a crossbow, I don’t know what’s my favorite scene so far. Justin are you watching Married to Medicine LA? The cast looks promising. Dr Imani is my fav right now. Also did you either of you watch Housewives of Atlanta? I don’t know what is but Kandi brings the nasty side of Cynthia to the surface. Have a good show and Justin be a good light skin today please.


  2. fyahworks

    My nigz, what’s good! I missed last week, I damn near missed everything in the world, being on vacation in Trinidad! But I’m back playing catch up on the free shows! But the walking dead recap and pre game/bds always get priority! Just dropping into to say I appreciate you guys! I try to make it my civic duty to drop in even just to say hey each week!

    The walking dead recap with Audrey along with the show was flames! Justin, word on the street is you are the guest next Wednesday, you better bring that shit lol

    ( In my Eugene voice)
    Over & out! Roger that 10/4


  3. Truenotes1

    BALLOON KNOT!!! I. Was. Not.(pun intended) Ready. I have been laughing to myself all week about that. Damn. You guys are the Best. When I listen to you and Justin talk, be it about reality tv, sports, random things, or your time at the Y. It reminds me of how me and my brothers talk to each other. And helps me get through my day at work. It just makes my day and week. So glad I went premium.

  4. O4Soldier

    Yoo , Justin is on that Ark survival evolved??

    That game is crazy addictive. I posted a comment about this game on the nerd off sometime ago. But I must warn y’all before you get too invested in it.

    I’ve literally uninstalled and installed this game on my ps4 three times now because of my own hurt feelings.

    The main problem with this game is the other players. You can spend hours and weeks taming your dinosaurs and building your base , just to have another player kill your Dino’s and take all your valuable shit while you’re offline.

    It’s very heartbreaking every time it’s happened to me.

    I suggest if y’all were to try this game, just stick to Single player or PvE servers. As other game modes allow other players to Negan all your shit in minutes. And you’ll have start rebuilding everything from scratch.

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Rod, you had the best outbursts today!
    “You know who else had a traumatic childhood? All the other Jacksons and none of them have not been accused of fucking kids!”

    “If 11 people accuse me of stealing, I’m a gotdamn thief!”

    “I sentence you all to therapy!”

    “You know who ain’t here to defend themselves? Slave owners. Have you ever caught me giving a break on them?”

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