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SMR 232: Captain Marvel

Rod and Karen review Marvel’s latest addition  to the franchise, “Captain Marvel.” We also discuss movie trailers, movie pet peeves and your comments!



    Brie Larson was born to a role like this & I’m not saying that as a catch-on, due to certain tropes in Hollywood for some female-led films meant for the male gaze. I was sold on her once she won her Academy Award for Room, where she gave an amazing performance. I remember on Twitter that folks were meh on her as the choice for that role.

    What I loved about her role as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, was that she grew into her role, but didn’t have to sacrifice anything to fit into the “I’m a noble superhero” thing. Sure, Carol is a noble person, but she’s not performing nobility. As someone who hasn’t read a Cap. Marvel book, this film makes me want to read them. Larson action sequences are great, same for her dialogue & screen presence. Sam Jackson not being the Nick Fury that we know & love was great & big shoutout to Ben Mendelsohn for his role as Talos. I did not see that swerve coming. Not just his overall role, which was real good, but his comedy. Didn’t know he had it in him.

    Lashana Lynch & Akira Akbar as Maria & Monica Lambeau were the heart of the film & both had their moments when they needed to those dramatic notes and be funny at the right time. Jude Law, Lee Pace, Annette Benning, Gemma Chan, Dijmon Hounsou & Clark Gregg (In Coulson We Trust!) all did their thing in the movie.

    I manage to see this, last week, on a rare off night at 7pm & it was worth every penny in IMAX. Carol’s gonna whoop that ass in Endgame, for sure.

  2. thatdudefromvi

    Hey Rod and Karen!

    I’m soooo glad I decided to see Captain Marvel. It was WAAAY better than i thought it would be. Brie Larsen managed to pull off being badass yet charismatic and confident while going through inner conflict about her past and her Kree “allies” actions/motivations. She really nailed it.

    The Rambeaus also brought so much heart to the movie and really grounded a fantastical movie and provided genuine friendship and love that came off really well. S/O to the actor who played Maria Rambeau because she was ACTING!

    S/O to y’all as well for actually highlighting them in your review. I listened to a couple other reviews. And if it were not for a black female guest on the show no one even mentioned the portrayal of Maria and Monica Rambeau. Like, they literally mentioned EVERY other character and would have skipped these two dope ,important characters. But ANYWAYS, thank y’all for doing what you do. It means more than you might think.


    -That Dude From VI

  3. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    I was not super thrilled about seeing Captain Marvel because I thought the trailer was boring, but I knew I would pay to see it because Marvel has such a good track record. Also, the Guardians is my fave franchise, so I wanted to see why Ronan and Korath were alive. Then the misogynists tried to derail this movie so I knew for sure I was going to give Marvel my little $10 opening weekend, not that they needed it.

    I was bored the first 40 minutes of the movie because I was hangry. After my food came, I really started to enjoy myself and was cheering by the end.

    Marvel is doing the damn thing because they are making stories about real life issues, which will always be timely because there is always some fuckery going on in the world. There was no way they could have known they were releasing a movie about a refugee crisis while the country is in the midst of a debate about locking refugees in cages while they flee oppressive regimes and starvation. It’s also like an answer to Black Panther: do you turn a blind eye when you have the means to help? Also, exploring the difference between the blantanly harmful nationalism of the Kree and the passive indifference of the Wakandans.

    Shouts out to Captain Marvel because without her my faves, the Guardians, would not exist because she spared the lives of Ronan and Korath. Thousands were killed and maimed when the Kree attacked Xandar, but it was worth it to get Baby Groot in the end.

    She better kill Thanos though.



  4. kccolon10

    SMR 232 Feedback!
    Hello Everybody!

    I had the pleasure of watching Captain Marvel in my favorite movie theater experience ever. I was only in the states for a few weeks, and Captain Marvel was released while I was home, so I bought tickets for the Cine Bistro downtown. If you’ve never been, GO! They’ve got real food, alcohol, 21 and up, and it’s a dine-in experience while you’re watching your fav movie.

    I reminded myself that this was not Infinity War. 1.5 before I walked into the movie theater, and I was glad I did. Captain Marvel was a really good introduction to a beloved character. I don’t read comics, so like Karen, this was my introduction to the character, and it didn’t disappoint! She was beautiful, and funny, and will whoop your ass the the goddamn drop of a hat. At no point did she seem weak, just unaware of her full potential. I really loved it. As a former Airman, I really FELT like she was a pilot. I really liked how her story made me feel like she’s always been powerful and fearless, but the explosion made her damn near indestructible, almost like her powers were a physical manifestation of her heart.

    I didn’t feel like there were any minor characters, but every person was a truly supporting cast member, moving the story line along in the right direction. The graphics looked really good. She looked like a superhero. She was fully dressed, and yet she was still a woman. That might seem like an obvious comment, but I finished watching Iron Man 2 recently, and compared to ScarJo, Captain Marvel shows the feminine touch to a powerful superhero.

    Look, I could go on and on about the movie, but for the sake of time, I won’t. What I will say is I have a three-year old daughter that is OBSESSED with being a superhero, and loves Black Panther, Iron Man, Baby grute and all of it. I’m so happy that Brie Larson is going to be my daughter’s Captain Marvel. Hell, she’s my Captain Marvel!

    It’s weird that we’re coming to and end of an era with the last Infinity War slowly approaching. And it’s even weirder for me to think that I’ll be looking forward to the next 10 movies Marvel has in store in the next decade. But I look forward to the journey, and I’m glad I’ve got my little one to share it with!

    Have a great day, and thank you for taking the time to read my commentary!

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    What I loved about Captain Marvel was how Brie Lawson walked. She walked and squared up to fight with such confidence. Sam Jackson was so funny. I forget that he had comedic chops. My favorite part was when Danvers punched Jude Law and said “I don’t have to prove anything to you.” It touched me being a person that feels like she always has to prove herself because I am a woman and black.

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