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PG 186: Niggas Only

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball stuff, seeing MKG in Target, CrimeTown season 2, Shattered White Boy Rick podcast, Shattered Black Friday, Desus and Mero changes, Iyanla, coaching kids in sports, Feedback, Ray J and a black sheriff is fed up.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Justin and maybe hopefully Karen,

    I hope all is good.

    I took to listening to that Crimetown podcast and I want remind folks there is a reason for the old Cleveland saying: “At Least We’re Not Detroit”. No, really though, the FBI couldn’t catch our Black mayor despite trying. Lord knows they tried.

    How in the flying fuck was Kilpatrick saavy enough to be concerned about being caught on a wiretap but didn’t know about FOIA? Or him and his dad being on the phone talking code but not knowing who was using which code?

    Was Kwame addicted to ballin? Cuz when he moved to Texas, I thought folks were (rightfully) hating on him for being rich in Texas…until they said this nigga was only paying $6 a month in restitution! The audacity! Did y’all think he spoke in a scamming as preacher cadence, cuz Kwame sounded like he should’ve been running a mega church.

    Everybody wants to think their kid can become the next Williams Sisters in their sport. It’s especially a shame for the kids who are sorry, cuz sorry kids know they trash but their parents often refuse to accept it. Like somehow your kid being bad at a sport is the end of the world.

    I used to be a referee for youth wrestling tournaments at my high school and some of those parents were insufferable. My brother also did ref work and he was petty enough to look parents in the eyes, get the points wrong and ignore the parents. Oh and the kids didn’t care neither.

  2. fyahworks

    Salutations rod, j thrill and maybe Karen
    Hope you guys having a good week!
    Gotta start off by saying, I appreciate what you guys do week in and week out with the paid and premium shows! I got my worth down to the penny last week with the niggaz only bit! I don’t know if it was planned or random but it was fucking classic.

    Justin, you asked me about restaurant suggestions! To that I ask you what kinda food are you into and what borough are you staying? Nyc is a very cultural place and with this gentrification era we are going through much has changed along with price, but I’ll definitely get back to you or shoot rod a private email he can forward over to you!
    I know there’s a vegan spot on west 4th street in the city, right next to the famous basketball courts that I enjoy! There is a lot an Indian spot in Brooklyn I enjoy too! I remember you talking about tru burger from your last trip, they either closed down or going throw Reno right now because all the glass is cover in brown paper! But holla at me bruh!!!

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