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1868: PG 186: N!ggas Only

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Hey free loader here is another sneak peek behind the paywall for you with Rod and Justin’s weekly show “The Pregame.”

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball stuff, seeing MKG in Target, CrimeTown season 2, Shattered White Boy Rick podcast, Shattered Black Friday, Desus and Mero changes, Iyanla, coaching kids in sports, Feedback, Ray J and a black sheriff is fed up.

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  1. bamil73

    I need to make a complaint to TBGWT management. You released Niggas Only on the regular feed?!? Sheeeeeeeeeeeit. I thought you kept all the good crack in the back room for us premium members.

    Anyway, I have the sudden urge to eat some chicken and buy a chair at a furniture store that’s for black people and white people….and Hispanic people too.


  2. CT

    If you haven’t went premium already, and you have the means, go ahead and pay for it. I haven’t even listened to the latest episodes, because I’m listening to PG and BDS episodes from 2014 and CRYING laughing. It’s worth every cent.

  3. vertigostark

    Listened to this Friday (because I ain’t no freeloader) and had At the Red House stuck in my head all weekend. Tuesday morning I’m in meetings humming at the reeeedddd HOUSE. Thank a lot.

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