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1869: Karen’s Krispy Kreme Koonin’

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Rod and Karen discuss Dee Barnes GoFundMe, Jussie Smollett charges getting dropped, the Surviving Cardi B hashtag, Yale rescinds admission to student, Dr. Dre takes down post, Reimann Family donates to charity, Daniel Caesar apologizes, UPS racism, Las Vegas PD photos BBCs, woman shoots boyfriend for snoring, man chokes driver over Xmas songs, jerking it in the social security office and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Karen I am with you. I will be a coon for some Krispy Kremes. If Candace Owens opened up a Krispy Kreme franchise down the street from me, you best believe I would be up in there almost every morning. I will tap dance like Mr. Bojangles when the hot light comes on.

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