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PG 190: Vinez

Rod and Justin discuss Homecoming, movies, wearing cologne as a kid, clothes for school, church as kids, crack is too powerful, Robin Harris jokes, Charlotte’s new mayor dealing with police shooting, Reconstruction documentary, listener feedback and pregame news.


  1. Amani

    I’m mad y’all got me thinking God just had better PR like he’s Derek Jeter and the devil is ARod.
    “Oh y’all niggas want to add fire and smoke entrances to the club cause you fancy now? You acting all brand new down there because y’all got extended hours on bottle service? Alright bet.” Gonna act like the bible was really just old school twitter bots trying to hate on a promising new candidate.

    And my mama was that old school southern Christian woman who didn’t even let us say “lie” because that was a cuss word, but somehow married pops who was sitting there leaning out of the caddy smoking and talking like a nigga. The game’s the game.

  2. fyahworks

    TGIF my nigs, slow motion type of week! But I feel it’s my civic duty to check in, even if to say niggaz only!!

    Few things

    1. have you or Justin seen the Netflix show, You? Currently watching and even as a man, it’s some creepy shit.

    2. What the gas prices looking like in the Queen City? Man in New York, it feel like every other day the prices is pulling a Kenny Burke, (keep rising to the top) regular, I’ve seen as high as 305 and premium 350!

    3. Have you guys checked out jemele hill podcast on Spotify yet?

    Have a great weekend


  3. CC

    Hi Rod, J The menace and maybe Karen.

    First things first…how do you count the percentage of alcohol in a beverage? If it says 40% it is 40%. It doesn’t magically double up bruh.

    And how can you give Justin booze? I have been going back listening to that philistine called Justin. Haven’t you noticed that he is like a gremlin, a lil drink and he starts rambling. Talking ill about Mariah Carey. Ill about the lightskin Queen? Doesn’t he know that the Light Skin God(Drake) will start crying every time someone speaks ill of the brighter Negroes? Nah If this continues I vote we ship Justin the Savage to Toronto or something. Smh, speaking ill of Mariah. The whopping you deserve.

    ps. I still fucks with you Justin but you on thin ice. Rod, check your boy.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Lol. You had me dying about swimming in cologne. I remember my daughters wanted to wear perfume like their mama when they were young. So I bought them so cheap little body spray from the drug store and told them to spray once in the air and run through it. One evening I came home from work and the house was reeking. I went into their room and there was a fucking cloud of body spray. Nearly had an asthma attack. My 4 year old looked up and said “it smelled nice so I sprayed everything.” *SMH* Also, what was it when we were kids that Brut came in two sizes: large and extra large?

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Justin and possibly Karen,

    Rod, I started watch Warrior based on your recommendation, and damn that shit is good. The show had me with that opening scene that had all the cism and the ass-kicking of the messengers of the cism. I then love how the show transitioned from subtitles to English without missing a beat. Now this is how you bring martial arts to an American audience.

    Speaking on cism, the new season of American Gods is delivering lessons on the cism that is America. Not surprisingly, I am seeing some people saying that for some reason they can’t place, they don’t think this season is as good as least season.

    Knowing how you like podcasts, CBC’s investigative podcast, Undercover is in the midst of a fascinating third season called The Village that looks at a serial killer who was allowed to run amuck in Canada for seemingly decades because he was targeting what was initially thought to be just brown, gay, people. It is truly an absorbing analysis.

    P.S. Justin, damn, first the Mariah slander, now the urine savagery. You are a menace.

    P.P.S. That Game of Thrones recap was hilarious. Justin bringing his special brand of agenda filled messiness only amped up the fun.

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