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1887: Arya Blows Gendry’s Back Out

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Rod and Karen are joined by Jemele Hill to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. bamil73

    Hey Karen and Rod

    Great recap of demthrones as always. Have you ever thought of using the hastag datcest? That Jemele Hill seems like a smart young lady. She speaks so well, I think she’s gonna make a name for herself.

    That episode of demthrones was like a pre-funeral. At the end of episode three, I will just be glad if anyone is left standing. That convo between Missandei and Greyworm seemed like foreshadowing to me. Remember those action movies from the 80’s? The older black guy, either a cop or an armed forces sergeant or whatever tells his partner that he’s getting too old for this shit and he’s gonna retire on his boat and run the crab shack or scuba diving outfit he just bought in the Keys, then in the next scene he gets fucked up, leaving the hero to avenge his death. That’s what the Missandei/Greyworm exchange seemed like.

    On a separate note, do you think the white walkers are going to raise the dead in the crypts? All that talk about the crypts being the safest place to be seemed like a lot of screenwritery foreshadowing. On the one hand I’m tempted to think that they need fresh bodies to reanimate, but then I remember when Bran met the original 3 eyed Raven, before he took his and job forced him to retire even though he had no pension and his 401k was depleted, they had to fight their way to the tree. They basically had to fight off skeletons before the children of the forest helped them out. Regardless, the episode will undoubtedly be dope and hopefully we’ll get an idea on what the endgame of the night king is.

    Speaking of endgames, I probably won’t listen to any other podcasts or check facebook, IG or twitter until next Sunday because I won’t be going to see Endgame until next Saturday. I trust you guys to not spoil shit. I hope the rapture or the apocalypse doesn’t come until after Saturday.

    Keep the great recaps coming, although next week’s recap may just be you two listing off all the dead niggas and recounting how they died.



  2. Miss1ko

    Listen. LISTEN. I tried that diet too. Chile cheese. Failed within a day.

    Your comparison to MJ for Beyonce on the blackity Blackness is on point.

    Like I always felt like artists who were mega hugs were also scared to be black. Not HBCU black.
    Prince, MJ, even someone like a Luther who was clearly a Black artist but never could really be himself.
    There is a freedom that previously existed only outside of Blackness for black american people.
    Other than going to college in country where the majority of the population is Black, HBCUs are decidedly the blackest university experience ON PURPOSE. I did undergrad at a PWI and graduate school at a HBCU and I live in DC so I see all the nuance and all the ways that HBCUs do things their way and don’t try to mimic PWIs.

    Marginalized celebrities rarely just get to be themselves. Where historically. we hope that is going out the window.

    And side note, Them horns on Everybody Mad get me up in the morning!!!!!!


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